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BrandVerity protects online brands and their trademarks from abuse, misrepresentation and fraud. Affiliate Managers, Agencies and Affiliate Networks use BrandVerity’s software tools each day to monitor the online activities of affiliates, partners and other businesses. Armed with that information, BrandVerity clients ensure compliance more efficiently and effectively in paid search, social media and coupon code channels.

Poachmark Paid Search Monitoring Monitoring all major search engines (including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, AOL and Google Mobile), PoachMark identifies trademark infringements by third parties—all according to customizable policies. After discovering the offending ads, PoachMark then assists with next steps, including tools to Contact Affiliates, Request Search Engine Action, and to Request an Investigation by BrandVerity’s team of Advertising Abuse Analysts.

Coupon Code Monitoring BrandVerity’s Coupon Code Monitoring service tracks the proliferation of coupon codes online. Marketers are alerted when codes appear on unauthorized sites, when affiliates post codes without permission, when expired coupons remain on sites, and many other cases—all based on the client’s policies.

Social Media Compliance Detecting trademark misuse on social networks, BrandVerity’s Social Media Compliance service enables marketing, compliance and legal teams to monitor their partners’ social media reach and activity. Users choose the keywords they want to monitor, along with a set of rules that defines what constitutes a compliance concern—then BrandVerity’s service retrieves the Tweets and public Facebook posts related to those keywords. After crawling all posted links and their destination websites, BrandVerity collects and consolidates information on marketing partners.

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