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Brook Schaaf

FMTC specializes in aggregating affiliate content and making it available to affiliates and bloggers through a series of services and tools. Since 2007, the company has aimed to simplify the monetization process for niche content producers so that they can turn their passion into meaningful income.

FMTC’s clients come in many shapes and sizes, from large multi-million dollar publishers with household names to your next-door-neighbor who is publishing her latest blog post that will spread across the web while she puts the kids down for their afternoon naps. The company’s enterprise-level datafeed clients rely on FMTC to deliver up-to-date data to power thousands of pages of content and roving mobile apps 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their blogger clients rely on FMTC’s Publisher Toolkit and Fresh Press Media Influencer Marketplace to help them find stores, deals, promotions, sponsored posts, product reviews and actionable content to share with their readers and social networks.

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