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2015 Board of Directors Vote – Your Finalists

Industry Champion Nominations

Matt Hulett

ClickBank Industry Champion
Over the years I’ve held positions including Chief Revenue Officer & President at GameHouse, CEO of AdXpose (acquired by comScore) & President of the corporate travel division of Expedia, Inc. (where I transformed an idea to a billion dollar global leader). Prior to Expedia, I was founding partner at AtomFilms (acquired by Viacom) & founding consumer products leader at RealNetworks (including RealPlayer & its premium subscriptions).The PM space is HOT, & I see this daily as CEO of ClickBank. Proof is in the number of companies that continue to emerge in this space, along w/ recent acquisitions & high valuations of PM companies.

The vision I’d bring to a PMA board can be summarized into 3 areas: Trends, Tech & Transparency.

Trends – In my 16 mo. at ClickBank, I’ve come to know our affiliates & vendors as both innovators of promotion techniques & canaries in the coal mine for methods that push the limits of industry best practices. Therefore we’re able to spot trends before they become the industry standard, & w/ PMA I can use this information to help inform & grow the industry in a sustainable way.

Tech – In PM, trends & tech go hand in hand. It’s inspiring to see the ways PMA is connecting with its audience thru Google hangouts & a newly redesigned website. As a board member I’d support PMA in developing more ways to connect w/ the industry, including thought leadership around the fast growing mobile & tablet space – one of my areas of expertise & personal interest.

Transparency – Over the years I’ve seen the PM industry evolve, from being a little known industry to one with reputational issues & now a critical channel for data driven companies with limited budgets. I’d like to help address & overcome the challenges faced by the industry while helping both the entrepreneurs & big brands navigate this space in a way that holds all parties to high standards.

I’d be honored to hold a position on your board & look forward to moving this great industry forward.

Oliver Roup

VigLink Industry Champion
Oliver Roup is the founder and CEO of VigLink, an innovative, software-driven performance marketing company and the leader in automated content driven commerce. VigLink works with more than 300,000 publishers and 30,000 merchants and has raised more than $25M in venture funding from investors including Google Ventures.Oliver’s presence on the PMA board extends the reach of the organization into publishers not historically associated with affiliate marketing like Hearst Magazines and into the heart of Silicon Valley. Oliver has been a long time champion of the PMA including visible advocacy work related to tax issues and Oliver was the founding chair of the publisher recruitment council. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences and was one of the drivers and sponsors of the PMA Founder and CEO cocktail hour.

Oliver plans to continue to support the PMA through continued advocacy and support and to focus on the continued “mainstreaming” of affiliate marketing as a business model and as a community within the larger technology industry. Oliver welcomes the opportunity to continue as a steward of the industry for another two years.

Cameron Stewart

Tune (HasOffers by Tune) Industry Champion
As General Manager, Cameron actively contributes to business development and product strategies while working directly with HasOffers’ and MobileAppTracking’s global client base. Before joining the company in 2009, Cameron worked with Robert Half International for Fortune 500 clients, developing and maintaining relationships by consulting corporations on their organizational development and staffing needs. Since joining TUNE in 2009, Cameron has combined his business development and leadership experience with customer centric views to deliver an experience that revolutionizes customer care standards in the industry. Cameron graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor’s in Finance and Economics.

Tara McCommons

LinkConnector Corporation Industry Champion
Tara McCommons is VP of Sales and Marketing at LinkConnector—a Performance Marketing Network providing innovative technology and support for over a decade. Since beginning her career in affiliate marketing (in 2004), Tara has established a successful record in fueling revenue growth through the development and leadership of strategic partnerships. She leads a high performance sales team that plays a pivotal role in identifying new merchant and affiliate opportunities that will continually expand the LinkConnector network. Tara is a contributor to FeedFront magazine and has actively been involved with the PMA’s Publisher Recruitment Council for the past two years.I am eager for the opportunity to deepen my contribution to shaping our industry through this PMA Board leadership position. If elected, I will use my proven business development talents to passionately initiate renewed efforts to grow PMA membership on all levels. I will hit the ground running, with the goal of acquiring a greater membership following from merchants, affiliates, and networks alike. My efforts will directly contribute to the critical revenue demands needed to support the PMA’s long-term mission—promoting the growth of our unstoppable industry by establishing a wider collective voice that champions our industry’s value.

Identifying and nurturing prosperous business relationships is an area with which I have deep experience and aptitude. My expertise in compelling others to understand and share my belief in an organization’s mission and value proposition would enable me to cultivate strong, new member relationships for the PMA.

As part of this initiative, I would be committed to advocating the rewards available to new PMA members, our 2014 accomplishments, 2015 goals, our plans to achieve those goals, and the influence a membership has in progressing our industry’s future as an invaluable marketing channel.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve if elected.

Mike Christensen

Prosperent, Inc Industry Champion
As the President of Prosperent, Inc and as a performance marketer for 10 years myself, I’ve had the opportunity to see major changes take place in our young industry. Performance marketing is a rare breed of advertising that relies on real relationships and creates a unique experience for eyes-on-page that other forms of online advertising cannot match. This creates a major opportunity for innovation, growth and changing the way people interact with ads. As a PMA board member, I hope to make helpful and effective contributions that add value to our approach to marketing.We all have an idea of what we want it to become. What we want it to grow up to be. We want to be proud of performance marketing, have the world take it very seriously and become a serious contender and rewarding method of advertising for everyone involved. I intend to be a contributor to that cause.

Brian Littleton

ShareASale Industry Champion
I’ve had the pleasure of serving as the President of the PMA Board of Directors for the past 2 years, and recently posted a message concerning the Board’s accomplishments and challenges from 2014 which can be found here: http://archive.aweber.com/thepma/GybxT/h/PMA_Newsletter_A_Message_from.htmHaving founded ShareASale in 2000, the performance marketing industry is my home, and I’m committed to making the PMA a valuable resource for everyone in our in our industry.

Rachel Honoway

FMTC Industry Champion
I’ve had the honor of serving on the board for the last few months and would appreciate the opportunity to continue. The BOD and Councils have done an amazing job over the last year, reinventing the PMA into a strong resource and authority in the performance marketing space and the coming years hold a lot of promise for further evolution and continued credibility for this organization. As a current board member, I know that such transformation requires hard work and a significant time allocation – and I’m prepared to roll up my sleeves and put my passion for this industry and 16+ years of experience to work.Since 1998, I’ve held a variety of executive roles in the affiliate marketing industry including over a decade at KowaBunga!, another five years at Lurn/Affiliate Classroom and now the past year as CEO of FMTC. I believe that the PMA represents a professional foundation for this ever-changing space and I’d like to be an active leader in its continued growth.

Corporate Nominations

Roger Snow

Snow Consulting Corporate
I’m the Founder & President of Snow Consulting, a marketing agency that provides a complete suite of affiliate management services to merchants from all sides of the Internet. I came online to this industry in 1999. I’ve attended and spoke at many conferences such as Affiliate Summit, ShareaSale Think Tank, CJU, LinkShare Symposium, Internet Retailer and others to broaden my own personal network, as well as, our company. I’ve created special friendships, relationships and partnerships that are still going strong to this day. To me, that is the most fulfilling and satisfying.My goal as a PMA Director will be to educate those who are embarking on a new career on the Internet or simply using affiliate marketing as a secondary means of income. 15 years from now, I want them to have the same success I’ve had and meet as many good people as well.I also want to ensure everyone knows why The PMA is so important. We’re all an integral part of this industry and it’s not always glitz and glamor. We all love the success stories of growing our businesses and making money. However, as is the case with any business or industry, there are always hurdles. Whether you’re a personal marketer or a company, it is vital that we all stay up-to-date with industry news, and understand the different ways that our industry can be negatively affected. For example, the last few years, several state governments have implemented a Nexus Tax that has affected thousands of affiliate marketers. Currently, 16 states have passed the bill, with 8 more close to passing their own. That would be nearly half of the country with a Nexus Tax. The role of The PMA is to lead the charge, by educating and encouraging affiliate marketers to join the challenge. With sheer numbers and understanding of the situation, we will be able to fight this battle properly.

There are many important tasks and duties in the role of a PMA Director, but rest assured, if selected, I will do my best to represent our industry.

Mike Nunez

AffiliateManager.com Corporate
I’ve served on the Performance Marketing Association for a year and have participated in the incredible change that has occurred within the PMA, starting from within the PMA and working it’s way outward benefitting all performance based marketers. I’ve chaired the fundraising committee during my tenure, and helped generate the revenue necessary to grow the PMA and it’s ability to truly effect change.If re-elected, it will allow me to finish what’s already been started, and grow the PMA into a force that advocates for performance based marketers with even more vigor than it does today.

About me: I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing since 1999, co-founding what has now become AffiliateManager.com in 2002. As a technology based affiliate management solution, we’ve built tools such as BounceLinks.com, and widget makers for Groupon and LivingSocial. We also created the “Affiliate Search Engine” with AffiliateRecruitment.com, allowing us to target relevant affiliates for our clients.

Thank you for the opportunity to continue championing our industry!

Chris Bradshaw

Boombox Network Corporate
I am the co-founder and principal owner of a social media agency that specializes in blogger outreach to the 45+ audience. Our company is brand new to the performance / affiliate marketing space. We are still learning, and what better way to learn, and to learn to do things right, than to be a part of the organization helping to drive the industry. We bring deep experience in the blogger space, traditional agency experience, an ecommerce background as well as fresh eyes and energy. We believe strongly that performance marketing will be a large part of our future growth, are committed to this direction and would like to make as few mistakes as possible. When you bring me on, you also get the support and energy of my team. On a personal note – I’m completing my Board Term for another organization and am thrilled to realize that my time, energy and experience might be used to benefit this industry in a meaningful and impactful way. This will benefit me personally, as well as our company. I would be happy to assist or drive almost any of the committees – especially membership, compliance or publisher recruitment. Everyone that we have met as we have explored and learned has been so encouraging, and welcoming, especially those that are putting time and energy into the industry through this organization – I would be honored to work with and support this team of people while I pay it forward.

Angel Djambazov

Custom Tailored Marketing Corporate
Change in the industry is accelerating. PMA should not only take the lead on legal issues that threaten the industry from the outside, but take on ethical issues that threaten the industry from the inside. We seem to tolerate behavior that wouldn’t have been acceptable years ago simply because “everyone” is doing it. This is not to imply that the role of the PMA is to provide ethical oversight. It is a sad state, however, when in the last year the PMA has only published two articles under the Bad Behavior category. The PMA should attempt to institute guidelines that will provide a clear signal to those outside of our industry that we are willing to attempt to address the bad players rather than simply turn a blind eye to them. Without that, further imposed regulation from outside is only a matter of time.

Sarah Bundy

All Inclusive Marketing Corporate
At All Inclusive Marketing we greatly value giving back to our community through education, innovation and dedicated time to push this industry forward at every opportunity. Performance Marketing is the lifeblood of who we are. We live and breathe it everyday. We try to create opportunities that allow us to help each other, our clients, our affiliates and the performance marketing space as a whole to improve and add value at every touch point.Allowing me to serve on the board of the PMA would not only fulfill my personal goal and ambition to give back to this community in a more meaningful way, it will allow us as a team to help shape the future value of both the PMA and performance marketing to the world. It would be an honor and privilege to serve next to these other dedicated men and women, and I will put forward my best effort at all times to ensure the time spent on the board is valuable to others and achieves the goals and objectives of the community and association as a whole.

Thank you for your consideration.

Priest Willis, Sr.

Affiliate Mission Corporate
My name is Priest Willis and I’ve been in the affiliate industry for almost a decade. Along the way I’ve made close friends beyond the “work” and have won many industry awards while managing top shelf brands like BuyCostumes.com and heading up Lenovo’s global affiliate marketing efforts. I’ve also started my own OPM business and mentored others along the way. I’ve been involved in local meet-ups and sat on a CJ panel to discuss the future of affiliate marketing.I’ve been proud of the chance I’ve had to learn from others and even more proud of the chance I’ve been given to impart to others including those just getting into the space. I want to make an even bigger positive mark on the industry and having a voice on the board will give me a chance to do that.

Thank you for the opportunity to do that.

Jennifer Myers Ward

ebove & beyond, inc. Corporate
Jennifer brings almost 20 years of online business and marketing experience working in a variety of industries such as jewelry, apparel, sports, eye care, electronics, baby and giftware. She has shown proven success through increasing site conversion rates up to 4 percentage points and growing online revenue up to 180% in only 6 months!Prior to starting ebove & beyond in January 2003, Jennifer was responsible for building Palm Beach Jewelry’s (www.palmbeachjewelry.com) online business from the ground up. As head of e-commerce for over 2 years, the website grew at an amazing rate boasting strong traffic numbers and record sales.

Before her time at Palm Beach Jewelry, Jennifer served as an affiliate manager, an email manager and eventually Partnership Development Manager for Amazon.com’s UK division, www.amazon.co.uk. In her role as Partnership Manager, she created and managed their strategic partnership program and brought in top accounts such as Virgin, BBC, Disney and Paramount Studios. With these top accounts, she exceeded the annual program goal by 50% in the first 3 months alone. As a result she was presented with Amazon’s prestigious “Door Desk Award” in 2000.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Journalism with a concentration in Advertising. She is also a Certified E-Commerce Consultant through The Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants, and is on the Board of Directors for CEP, Inc. located in Columbia, South Carolina. In addition, she is a member of The DMA, the AMA, and the PMA (Performance Marketing Association).

Jennifer is very active in both the affiliate and email arenas where she speaks at several conferences each year, as well as writing articles to support these industries. Due to her dedication and continued involvement with these programs, she has a great deal of insight and passion to offer to the PMA as a board member.

Nicky Senyard

Share Results Corporate
Nicky Senyard is the co-founder and president of Share Results, a Canada-based online marketing company specializing in affiliate marketing since 2004. Share Results provides an affiliate marketing software platform for businesses in need of customizable affiliate programs and networks. The company also operates their proprietary affiliate network with over 22,000 affiliates, and provides affiliate marketing and digital marketing services to online retail businesses. A successful entrepreneur with a background in public relations, Nicky is a highly sought after speaker and service provider in the affiliate marketing industry. She has successfully grown Share Results from a boutique agency to a well-known company that has worked with high profile clients like Scotiabank, The Bay, Lasik MD, GlassesUSA, FashionToFigure, Photobucket, and EducationDynamics.