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PMA Councils

PMA Councils examine how trends, issues, challenges, benefits and new technologies impact their specific subject area and then take action to share findings and conclusions with the community at large

The PMA’s mission is to grow the industry by providing best practices, by establishing standards that improve effectiveness, by confronting challenging industry issues and by providing information on the latest success strategies. This is done via our members and their involvement in PMA Councils.

The purpose of a PMA Council is to examine how trends, issues, challenges, benefits and new technologies impact their specific subject area and then take action to share findings and conclusions with the community at large. These actions may results in guidelines, best practices, standards and recommendations from each council.

The end results for all councils should be in line with the overall PMA mission to promote performance marketing as a valuable, growing channel to businesses and increase the amount of dollars spent in the performance marketing space.



Mission: Compliance has been an essential aspect of all forms of online marketing since its inception. The compliance council will stress the positive impact that direct relationships between advertisers and publishers in performance marketing has on the overall compliance of the channel.

Council Chair: Rebecca Stern, Partner Compliance, ShareASale

Visit the Compliance Council Resources Page


Mission: The mission of the Publisher Recruitment and Education Council is to attract new publishers to performance marketing and help publishers identify new monetization strategies and opportunities.

Council Chair: Lauren Isbrandtsen, VP, Client Partnerships, Ibotta

Visit the Publisher Recruitment & Education Council Page


Mission: To raise the level of knowledge, awareness and opportunities available through performance based advertising/marketing model. This Council will elaborate on best practices and standards that can be leveraged by both internal and external industry professionals

Council Chair: Choots Humphries, Co-Founder, LinkConnector

Visit the Industry Advancement Council Page


Mission: To express the value of performance marketing through data and insights. The council will work collaboratively to identify performance marketing’s key value pillars and then support these pillars with relevant and compelling data. The council will also provide insights and guidance related to the evolving trends and technology in digital advertising that impact the performance marketing community.

Council Chair: Jenna Walsh, Business Intelligence, Awin

Visit the Measurements and Insights Council Page


Mission: To create and impart a deeper understanding of the value of working with coupon and deal publishers for merchants. Through educational materials and case studies, the council plans to clearly demonstrate the proven value of coupon and deal publishers in the performance marketing equation. In addition, the council will work to develop guidelines for publishers in the space to ensure that ethical standards and best practices are being followed.

Council Chair: On hiatus

Visit the Coupons and Deals Council Page


Mission: Focusing on those topics of greatest interest to retailers and merchants specifically within the performance marketing industry, our mission is to advance the ethical and successful strategies in performance marketing, as well as elevate its position by defining and adopting best practices within our organizations.

Committee Chair: Tricia Meyer, Executive Director of PMA

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Any company or organization and select individuals who are committed to improving the Performance Marketing industry are eligible to join the Performance Marketing Association. Membership can be initiated at any time and dues are renewed annually.