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PMA Compliance Council

Stressing the positive impact that direct relationships between advertisers and publishers have in performance marketing

Our Mission Statement

Compliance has been an essential aspect of all forms of online marketing since its inception. The compliance council will stress the positive impact that direct relationships between advertisers and publishers in performance marketing has on the overall compliance of the channel.

Compliance Council Charter

Advance performance marketing through the identification of compliance best practices. Provide guidelines to advertisers for program management, channel attribution and relationship management

Develop industry standards and codes of conduct for key aspects of performance marketing such as advertiser-affiliate relationships, software usage, etc.

Provide a voice for the performance marketing industry to respond and engage with the media on compliance-oriented issues

Provide a forum for discussion of rising compliance concerns

Compliance Council


Rebecca Stern
Partner Compliance Specialist

Rebecca joined ShareASale in 2019 following her time as a Fraud Prevention Specialist at cleverbridge, an e-commerce company in the software industry. At ShareASale she is the main point of contact for compliance matters, oversees affiliate application screening, and is in charge of fraud prevention efforts on a daily basis. Her educational background is in philosophy and mathematics, and she moonlights as an LSAT tutor. When not working she can be found (unsuccessfully) herding her two cats, reading science fiction, and enjoying all the sights and activities Chicago has to offer.



Adam Dahlen
Jeannine Crooks
Tom Wozniak
Fadi Agour
Jessica Bishop
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Bethany Stephens

Compliance Council Outputs (Members Only)

You must be a PMA member to access all the council output. We do have some free downloadable outputs that we think provide great information. Please fill out the form below and you will have access to the PMA free download outputs. If there are other outputs you would like access to please consider joining the PMA.

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Compliance Council Meetings

The PMA Compliance Council meets the 3rd Thursday of every month.