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Senior Product/Technology Team Lead


Job Type: Full Time

Location: United States (Remote)

FMTC is the leading coupon and link aggregator in the affiliate marketing space. Our systems consist of machine processing, human data entry, and ongoing business development.

We are looking for a competitive, self-starting, problem-solving, go-to, hands-on leader for our small development team, who will be responsible for turning business ideas into software products utilized by customers and internal teams.

Key Duties:

  • Knowledge and Skills: Multiple years proven success in technical leadership, including remote staff.
  • Ability to successfully translate business requirements into technical specifications or use cases designed to communicate to the business what will be developed and to the technical team the details of what needs to be built
  • Ability to create annual and quarterly strategic systems plans and roadmaps and to break down the same into development sprints
  • Ability to create and explain complex information systems with multiple points of human interaction
  • Experience implementing formal technology testing QA processes
  • Experience utilizing and/or leading technology teams using the following technologies:
    • LAMP Architecture
    • Amazon Hosting (AWS & EC2 & S3)
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • GitHub
    • Aptitude and capability of working from home
    • Knowledge of the affiliate space a plus


  • Salary with negotiable bonus
  • Flex time vacation
  • Benefits including health care and 401(k)
  • Work from home

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Job Initially Posted: 4/10/18

Job Updated: 4/10/18

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