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Performance Marketing Glossary

Performance Marketing Glossary
Industry Advancement Council


The performance marketing industry can be complicated, with a large diversity of company types, marketing methods, supporting technologies and hundreds of thousands of people involved in the development of this emerging industry. Combine that with terms that may have different meanings in other areas of marketing, such as lead generation, display advertising, direct response, search, and interactive advertising, and it can be confusing. On top of grasping the sophisticated concepts, the performance marketing space has a lot of jargon, terminology and acronyms. The PMA’s Industry Advancement Council supports the standardization of terminology, or at least a common resource, to minimize confusion and enhance education.

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For more information, visit the Industry Advancement Council page.


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Tricia Meyer is an attorney and affiliate marketer. She is the founder and owner of Helping Moms Connect and Sunshine Rewards as well as the current Executive Director of the Performance Marketing Association. You can find her on Twitter @SunshineTricia.

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