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Defining Success

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New metrics and methods for measuring the success of a marketing campaigns performance are being tried and tested.

While a standard has never been established, besides conversions, CPM and CTR are considered “leading indicators” gauging the success of a performance marketing campaign. CPM and CTR often form the basis for initial optimizations on distribution as well as creative. However, this can be problematic since these metrics do not really capture the whole story in terms of the value that any aspect of given campaign can provide.

CPM and CTR can still provide valuable insight. But you just need to view them as a part of a bigger picture.

The concept of attribution modeling can shed some more light on this. Attribution modeling means that you must identify a set of advertising impressions that lead to a conversion. It’s an important facet of a campaign because it helps you figure out what led someone to engage in a behavior, which can lead to a conversion.

JebCommerce is a Corporate Member of the Performance Marketing Association.

What is IncrementalityI have the distinct honor of serving on the Measurements and Insights Council of the PMA with some of the industry’s best and brightest.

Our conversations and activities many times center on how can the PMA, it’s members and this particular committee provide better data and insight on our industry to allow advertisers, publishers, agencies and networks do their job better, but also represent the channel more effectively and defend the sales attributed to it. It’s conversations like these that I love.

BrandVerity is an Industry Champion Member of the Performance Marketing Association. This article originally appeared in FeedFront Magazine, Issue 24.

Alternatives to the typical affiliate marketing relationship, such as referral programs, MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing), and sub-affiliate arrangements can be useful tools for brands to gain new customers. These systems often have lower barriers to entry than traditional affiliate networks, and can quickly introduce fresh traffic and incremental revenue.

However, because these systems are so open and flexible, they can also be manipulated by black hats, exposing brands to abuse.