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Search Marketing

I recently ran across a great article about gender bias in the search marketing space. It states that women in the search marketing industry are undervalued by 21 percent in terms of what they are paid relative to their male counterparts. Gender Bias in Search According to the article this is true even when women have the same level of education and experience.

The article examines a variety of issues related to this significant pay gap and gender bias problems including how women are impacted in terms of:

  • Getting a job interview
  • Being hired for the job
  • Getting the raise and/or promotion
  • Getting accepted or being invited to speak at a search marketing conference

The article also examines how the search marketing space can do better at hiring.

“Look at your internet marketing staff – is it 50/50 men/women or way out of balance, more like 80/20? If it’s the latter, you should probably do something about that. Elisa Gabbert says. “If you’re in a hiring role, examine the hiring process – do you tend to screen out more women? Could you be judging their resumes more harshly? Could your job descriptions even reveal a bias, which might dissuade women from applying?”

The article goes on to state that this isn’t “affirmative action” – you don’t need to hire women who are worse at the job than men. What we need to do is question whether we’re overvaluing men that aren’t truly more qualified.”