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2016 Board of Directors Vote – Your Finalists

Industry Champion Nominations


Todd Crawford

Impact Radius

Industry Champion

Current Board of Director

We recently upgraded our membership from Corporate to Industry Champion. I would like to continue as a board member at the Industry Champion level. I feel I can add a lot of value and clout to the PMA and am very excited to help it grow and become more of an influence in the industry.

Bio: https://www.linkedin.com/in/toddcrawford


Alexis Caldwell


Industry Champion
A 9-year affiliate marketing veteran, Alexis Caldwell is the Director of Affiliate Marketing at rewardStyle, a sub-affiliate network for bloggers and digital influencers. Alexis works closely with all major affiliate networks, has served on industry advisory boards, including CJ and RAN, and has spoken on panels at key industry events as an expert publisher.

A long time advocate of the affiliate channel, Alexis testified alongside other PMA members at the California state legislature hearing on the Nexus Tax in 2011 and worked closely with the PMA to fight the tax law through numerous press interviews and coordinated legislature outreach. Alexis has close ties with thousands of e-tailers and other publishers, thus constantly keeping her finger on the pulse of affiliate marketing. Alexis has also appeared on CNN, ABC, FOX, CBS and a variety of other media outlets as an online shopping expert.

Prior to joining rewardStyle, Alexis served as Vice President of Global Partnerships at PromoCodes.com (SurfMyAds.com) and Vice President of Partnerships at Bounce Exchange. Alexis’ vast affiliate experience with models including content, coupon/deal, PPC, email, social, onsite CRO, video, software, sub-network and more give her the broad perspective of the role different affiliate models play and the value each can bring to both a merchant program and the end consumer.

The PMA is an extremely important organization that fights to create a more valuable, fair and better understood business channel for all players. She would love to contribute as a member of the board of directors.

Cameron Stewart

Tune (HasOffers by Tune)

Industry Champion
Cameron Stewart is the General Manager of HasOffers, a product of TUNE – the industry leader in mobile marketing. As General Manager, Cameron oversees operations of TUNE’s HasOffers product. Cameron’s previous position was VP of Sales. In this role, he actively contributed to business development and product strategies while working directly with HasOffers’ and TUNE Marketing Console’s global client base.TUNE and HasOffers builds technology for advertisers and networks, agencies and publishers. The initiatives in flight are focused on streamlining the workflow for all parties involved, creating better visibility and reducing the burden of discrepancies. Several specific topics that TUNE is excited to be working on include functionality for all parties to understand how their campaigns are being promoted, how many partners are involved in that process, and that those comply with how an Advertiser intended on their brand is represented.

Before joining the company in 2009, Cameron worked with Robert Half International for Fortune 500 clients. He developed and maintained relationships while consulting corporations on their organizational development and staffing needs. Since joining TUNE, Cameron has combined his business development and leadership experience with customer-centric views to deliver an experience that revolutionizes customer care standards in the industry. He has also been closely involved in the evolution of performance marketing in mobile channels, working with advertisers, networks and agencies

Cameron is excited to be given the opportunity to sit on the PMA Board of Directors. His professional and leadership experience will provide a unique perspective on technology and hopes to bring his experience to the PMA while continuing to shape the future of the industry with his peers. Cameron graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor’s in Finance and Economics.

Corporate Nominations


Tony Pantano

imwave, inc.


Current Board of Director, and Current Board Treasurer

Every Industry needs a voice. For the Performance Marketing industry, the PMA is that voice. Since it’s creation the PMA has been the voice of our industry, publishing white papers on best practices, conducting salary surveys and keeping its membership informed about the state of our industry.

Currently, I serve as the CEO of Imwave, Inc. and have been involved in Affiliate Marketing for over nine years. It has been my pleasure and privilege to serve our industry as a member of the Board of Directors of the PMA for the last 4 years and as it’s Treasurer for the last 2 years.

We still have more work to do and to be able to continue that work as a member of the PMA would be an honor and I humbly ask for your vote.


Tricia Meyer

Sunshine Rewards


Current Board of Director, and Current Board Secretary

I’ve been an active member of the PMA since its inception and have served on various Councils. For the last 2 years I have served as the Board Secretary. As part of that role, I have written PMA blog posts, participated in all of Councils, collaborated on white papers, represented the PMA at its Affiliate Summit booth, helped recruit new members, and contributed to the strategic planning of the organization. What I have enjoyed the most is the opportunity to network with members and help them figure out the benefits of being in the PMA.In my normal industry work, I run a cash back/reward site along with a number of niche blogs and also consult with affiliates and OPMs. This allows me to have knowledge of all of the major networks, datafeeds, promotions, social media, and almost everything that touches our industry. As a licensed attorney, I also consult on issues such as FTC compliance, nexus laws, and affiliate contracts.

I’ve been a full-time affiliate marketer for over 10 years, have won Pinnacle Awards for Best Blogger and Affiliate of the Year, and have been a finalist the last 2 years for the Affiliate Marketing Advocate Award.

If elected to the PMA Board again, I would like to continue my work with all of the Councils to keep them on the path of tackling industry issues, producing whitepapers that educate our industry, and promoting performance based marketing across all marketing and media channels. In addition, I would like to help all members get more involved in the work that the PMA does, including spreading the word about what members are doing, meeting in person at conferences, and utilizing our educational resources.


Maryellen Livingston Garasky


Maryellen stumbled across affiliate marketing while she owned and operated a business with her husband. Taking the reigns of all marketing initiatives (both traditional and online), Maryellen started a hyper-local blog about things to do in her beautiful resort hometown of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Quickly outranking the Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Bureau on select relevant terms, Maryellen landed a spot at an affiliate marketing agency where she managed programs such as philosophy.com, philosophy UK, Charlotte Russe, Plastic Jungle, DownEast Basics, David’s Cookies, Roots Canada, Roots USA and more.

Always a goal to work inside at an advertiser, Maryellen left the agency for Restaurant.com where she led the channel for both networked and direct affiliate partners. Maryellen is now with Jane.com, recently named the 11th fastest growing, privately held company in the United States by Inc. Magazine – and Jane is further honored to be named the #1 retailer.

Maryellen has been a member of other non-profit boards before and understands the commitment and drive it takes to move a body of volunteers ahead toward a common goal. In this case, Maryellen hopes to continue the honorable work of the PMA in advancing the performance marketing industry, as well as grow the overall knowledge of the organization and it benefits for all of us who love this channel over all other channels.


Mike Carney


I have specialized in Online solutions since 1997 but found my real professional calling in January 2008. That is when I discovered Performance Marketing and started to enjoy the ride. Every day is a Money Day! After working as Sr. Business Development for two prominent Affiliate networks – Advaliant (later purchased by MediaTrust) and Epic Direct (formerly Azoogle) I started my own business which included the launch of PerformanceMarketingJOBS, the premier headhunting agency in our space. Over the past 3 years I have had hundreds of private conversations with leading professionals and Employers in our industry, all focused on creating Talent partnerships so that both Employer and Candidate could thrive. My company’s motto – We’re focused on growing OUR industry ONE Employer and ONE Candidate at a Time – showcases my commitment. My personal participation plan for the PMA is to showcase why the Performance space is an amazing career choice. With in-depth knowledge of what motivates candidates in our space, what type of candidates will be successful and what the employment needs of Employers are, I know that our industry will only thrive as far as Talent will take it. As our industry grows so will the Talent shortage. I’m confident that Performance Marketing as a Career choice needs to be promoted and that once people are introduced to our industry and decide to join that they will be hooked and will thrive with passion, just like the veterans involved with the PMA.

I look forward to your feedback on whether or not my unique Careers focused experience, passion for our industry and Performance Marketing Careers promotion plan are a fit for the PMA Board.


Jennifer Myers Ward

ebove & beyond, inc.

Jennifer brings almost 20 years of online marketing experience both in the affiliate world, as well as email marketing. She founded ebove & beyond almost 13 years ago and has helped dozens of clients grow their online businesses. She has shown proven success by increasing numerous affiliate marketing programs by triple digits and helping affiliate programs account for between 15 – 35% of her clients’ overall total online revenue. It is these very results and success stories which contributed to ebove & beyond being named one of the 3 finalists for the Affiliate Summit “Pinnacle Award for Agency of the Year” in 2014.

Before starting ebove & beyond, Jennifer was responsible for building Palm Beach Jewelry’s online business from the ground up. Under her direction, the website grew at an amazing rate boasting strong traffic numbers and record sales.

Prior to working at Palm Beach Jewelry, Jennifer worked at Amazon.co.uk where she started as the Director of Email Marketing, then moved onto the Director of Associates (affiliates), finally she served as the Partnership Development Manager where she headed up their strategic partnership program and brought in top accounts such as Virgin, BBC and Disney. She exceeded the annual program goal and was presented with Amazon’s prestigious “Amazonian Door Desk Award” in the year 2000.

Jennifer has worked directly in the Performance Marketing realm throughout her career and has consistently remained active through her attendance of various conferences, her numerous speaking engagements and her written contributions to industry publications such as FeedFront Magazine. Performance Marketing has, and always will be, a priority to Jennifer. It is an area she is very passionate about, both in terms of protecting the industry as well as educating others on the value it.


Cristy Ebert

Rakuten Affiliate Network

Cristy Ebert is the Senior Director of Marketing for Rakuten Affiliate Network, formerly LinkShare. During her 4 years with the company, Cristy has helped shape the voice of the affiliate channel, through thought leadership, client advocacy and industry research.

She recently helped launch a successful content publisher recruitment strategy; an effort to bring high profile social influencers into the network, which included several fashion week events and innovative creative campaigns. Her goal is to evangelize affiliate marketing as a crucial and relevant Marketing channel, by helping to dispel myths and educate Advertisers, Publishers, Agencies and Media.

Cristy sits on the Rakuten Affiliate Network leadership team and works with executives from Rakuten Marketing, as well as Rakuten, to ensure global collaboration and a shared vision.

Prior to her time at Rakuten Affiliate Network, Cristy was Director of Global Marketing for a technology company based in Miami. She also received a Masters Degree from the University of Texas at Austin, where she studied Creative Advertising and Marketing.


Marty Marion

Deluxe Corp

I am currently the In-House Affiliate Manager at Deluxe Corp located in Shoreview Minnesota where I manage multiple B2B programs. As a late bloomer in the affiliate industry I’ve gotten myself up to speed where now I feel comfortable to submit a nomination for a PMA Board of Directors seat. The programs I’ve been managing have grown extensively year over year and they continue to move in the right direction with steady growth. I’m becoming a familiar face in the industry by speaking at Affiliate Summit and AM Days where now I am able to pass along knowledge to those who are just starting out within the industry. As a board for member for the PMA my goal is to continue the work of those before me by making this association as transparent and innovative as possible in the ever changing affiliate space. Additionally l would like inform, share knowledge, and expand membership to ensure the affiliate industry remains viable and positive marketing engine for those who wish to leverage it.

Peter Wilson

LashBack, LLC

My name is Peter Wilson. I am the CEO of LashBack and would like to represent you as a member of the PMA Board. I have been in this industry for more than 15 years, first as an investment banker and for the last 5 years as a CEO. I have been a long-standing, active member of the Compliance Council, participate in other organizations such as the Online Trust Alliance and have spoken at events like LeadsCon, Affiliate Summit and CJU. LashBack is a well-known, award-winning service provider that is focused on compliance and intelligence, and it has experienced significant growth under my leadership. I have a great deal of respect for Brian and the PMA, but believe that more can be done in terms of being inclusive and helping to raise the bar. I am passionate about, and committed to, this industry. If we can make meaningful strides in education, compliance and advocacy, I believe that there is a significant amount of additional revenue that would flow into this industry. Further, the PMA should not focus on certain segments of the market; it should represent all channels and business models. I believe that I would represent you well and I would be a strong voice at the table in terms of advancing the industry. I appreciate your consideration and support.

Sarah Bundy

All Inclusive Marketing

Dear PMA Board Voters,

I’ve been actively volunteering for the PMA on the Industry Advancement Council since 2012 and have always been a huge advocate of the PMA and its purpose. Finding ways to bring constant value to affiliates, merchants, agencies, networks and other stakeholders in order to push this industry forward and make a positive difference to people’s lives is imperative to who I am and my purpose in this industry. It would be my pleasure to serve the industry and my fellow peers to make a positive difference in the world of performance marketing and contribute to the growth that is yet to come.

On a personal note, I have been in the performance marketing industry since 2004 and have been striving to drive positive change and corporate growth since then. As the founder of All Inclusive Marketing, which launched in 2009 from nothing to one of the leading full service performance marketing agencies in North America, we have earned the only A+ rating on the BBB in the OPM space, won ourselves and our clients multiple awards for excellence and have grown from just myself to 28 professional performance and digital marketing specialists in the last five years.

Our purpose, other than to drive constant growth and positive change, is to DIGG at all times: to Delight, Innovate, Grow and Give Back.

With a position on the board of the PMA, I feel I’d be able to contribute those four values more powerfully within the PMA and throughout the industry as a whole to see the growth and positive change we are all striving toward.

Thank you for your consideration!


Sarah Bundy
Founder & CEO
All Inclusive Marketing


Matt Frary

SmarterChaos.com Corporate
When I built the companies that I am running now, I lead with the “Yo Momma” rule. I would always incorporate this rule into a Board Member position or any other leadership role. The Yo Momma rule is based on the premise that we should do things in this industry that we can be proud of, that our mom would be proud of. I’ve always sought to change our industry and be a leader where I can.

Today I speak on various topics at conferences around the country. I’ve been invited to speak at Fortune 500 companies looking to change the way they do affiliate marketing, and I serve on the mThink Blue Ribbon Panel to determine the top Affiliate and CPA Networks. I try to lead with knowledge and by demonstrating value through the companies that I build.

When the Affiliate Tax threatened the State of Colorado, I banded with other Affiliate Marketer’s at the PMA’s request and testified in the house hearings on behalf of the entire Affiliate Marketing industry. I am not afraid to champion our industry.

I started my career in Affiliate Marketing as an Affiliate Manager in 1999 at eBags.com. From there, we started an Affiliate Shopping Portal for a Cause called Kickstart.com. I managed all of the merchant relationships through their affiliate programs. BeFree was our affiliate provider, and CJ was just a few scrappy folks fighting for the BeFree business. Fast forward a few years and I worked at an Agency on branded accounts, lead a website software company to build an affiliate base of 25,000 affiliates, and then went off to get my MBA in Finance and Brand Management from Thunderbird International Business School.

I have one of the top 25 CPA Networks (in 2007) called ROI Rocket, and today I run SmarterChaos.com an Affiliate Marketing Agency. We have also built a female-centric CPA Network SheIsMedia.com, and I recently acquired an influencer/blogger platform called Pollen-8.

Please vote for me if you think I can help with issues that our industry faces.