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Author: David

When a marketing campaign underperforms, the knee jerk reaction from many advertisers is to blame the traffic. Now, obviously not all traffic is created equal, but there are many reasons for the success or failure of a campaign, and the traffic quality is just one component. To...

What did you just call meSo, what is an affiliate? To you, the answer is obvious, something that effortlessly jumps to the top of your mind. But did you know that there are at least four distinct definitions of the word “affiliate” being used across our industry?

In this article, I provide a breakdown of the use and meanings of this word, along with all the other primary words used in different contexts within Affiliate Marketing.

I’m Not an Affiliate, I’m a PUBLISHER

At the recent Affiliate Summit West 2014 in Las Vegas, I overheard a conversation in which someone was asked if they were an “affiliate.” In reply, they curtly pointed out that they weren’t an affiliate at all, they were a “PUBLISHER.”

As a webmaster who promoted affiliate offers, of course she was an affiliate… wasn’t she?