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New Attribution Whitepaper

New Attribution Whitepaper

The Performance Marketing Association’s Measurements and Insights Council just released a new whitepaper, Insight, Attribution: An Overview of Attribution Tools and Techniques within the Affiliate Industry

What’s in the Report? Who Is Included?

The purpose of this piece is to present a selection of attribution strategies and technologiesdeveloped by PMA member organizations that give marketing managers insight into what capabilities are currently available in the marketplace.

attribution-logos3The paper outlines the complex path a consumer takes to transaction online and how by fully understanding that interaction with multiple marketing touchpoints plays a significant role in driving the consumer to complete the conversion.

Using attribution models, which differ by company, businesses can assign different “weights” to different marketing channels depending on internal priorities or corporate objectives.  Regardless of how a company decides to attribute, marketing managers need to be aware of various tracking technologies that are available to enable and empower attribution.

Be Heard. Make a Difference.

If you have additional questions, or would like to further discuss your own attribution strategies, you can connect with the PMA at http://www.thepma.wpengine.com. To learn more about the PMA’s Measurements and Insights Council or join the Council visit https://thepma.org/pma-councils/pma-measurements-and-insights-council/. To see all of the PMA’s Council’s go here.

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