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Thank You Rebecca Madigan

Thank You Rebecca Madigan

pma logoThe Performance Marketing Association (“PMA”) Board of Directors accepted the resignation of Rebecca Madigan from the position of Executive Director of the organization.

Under the leadership of Board President Brian Littleton and the Board of Directors, the PMA will continue to promote the advancement of the Performance Marketing Industry during this transition period.

The Performance Marketing Association Board of Directors thanks Rebecca Madigan for her tireless support of the PMA. As one of the founders of the PMA, Rebecca’s contributions helped shape the organization into what it is today.

The Performance Marketing Board of Directors passed a unanimous resolution, commending and congratulating Rebecca Madigan on her dedicated service to the industry.

PMA Board of Directors Resolution

We, the undersigned, being all the directors of this corporation, the Performance Marketing Association, a Delaware corporation, unanimously consent, and agree to the following resolution.

WHEREAS, Rebecca Madigan was one of the key founders of the corporation; and

WHEREAS, Rebecca Madigan strived to, and did create an environment whereas members of this corporation could come together and improve the positive environment from which we all draw our living, known as Performance Marketing; and

WHEREAS, from the founding of this corporation, through 2013, Rebecca Madigan worked tirelessly to further the standing of this corporation; and

WHEREAS, Rebecca Madigan, in multiple scenarios, successfully represented performance marketers and negotiated workarounds allowing performance marketers to continue their businesses in states adopting so called “Affiliate Nexus” laws; and

WHEREAS, Rebecca Madigan successfully created the necessary support and coalition designed to defend affiliate marketers against the State of Illinois; and

WHEREAS, Rebecca Madigan successfully maintained that coalition through the result of a successful lawsuit and appeal giving this corporation a landmark victory over the State of Illinois in this corporations case; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the Board of Directors, that the Board of Directors, and the members of this corporation hereby commend, congratulate, and thank Rebecca Madigan for her dedicated service and leadership that have helped so many within the Performance Marketing Industry, especially those living and operating in states adopting so called “Affiliate Nexus” laws; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Secretary of the Board of Directors prepare a copy of this resolution for presentation to Rebecca Madigan as an expression of this corporation’s members, and directors high regard for her work on behalf of the entire industry and its sincere hope that she will continue to work in this industry on issues that benefit so many of this corporation’s members and the industry within which we work.

Brian Littleton
Board of Directors, President
Tony Pantano
Board of Directors, Treasurer
Tricia Meyer
Board of Directors, Secretary
Missy Ward
Board of Directors
Michael Jones
Board of Directors
Mike Nunez
Board of Directors
Pat Grady
Board of Directors
Lisa Picarille
Board of Directors
Craig O’Neil
Board of Directors
Oliver Roup
Board of Directors
Peter Hamilton
Board of Directors
Bob Glazer
Board of Directors
Todd Crawford
Board of Directors


Executive Director Search

In the near future, the Board of Directors will assemble a special committee to begin the search for the perfect candidate to serve as the next Executive Director who will work to fulfill the PMA’s mission and continue to move the industry forward.


In the interim, questions regarding industry, the PMA or general inquiries can be directed to: yourboard@thepma.org.

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  • Trisha Lyn Fawver
    April 17, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    Job well done indeed Rebecca! Sorry to see you go, but excited to hear about your next adventure.