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Can the PMA Help Your Professional Development?

Affiliate marketing professional development

Can the PMA Help Your Professional Development?

Whether you are a new employee at a big corporation or a long-time solopreneur, professional development is important for everyone in their career. You may work for a company that requires you to set your goals and chart your progress every year. Or maybe you own the business and are looking for opportunities to offer your employees. No matter where you are in your career or the size of your company, being a PMA member can help you achieve your goals.

Improving Communication and Public Speaking Skills

Employees often set goals to enhance their communication skills, whether it’s improving public speaking abilities, active listening skills, or written communication proficiency.

How the PMA can help: The PMA is all about education, and you can sharpen your communication skills by helping us with our various education initiatives. Do you have an area of expertise or a hot topic that you would like to write about? We love guest posts about affiliate marketing and adjacent topics. Want to take that a step further? Original whitepapers written with other members of the PMA are great for collaboration. Need to practice your public speaking? We do monthly LinkedIn live webinars, which are a great low-pressure way to be a part of a panel presentation and take audience questions.

Continuing Education and Skill Development

Lifelong learning is vital for professional growth and adaptability in a rapidly evolving work environment, especially in an industry like affiliate marketing. Employees may set goals to develop specific technical skills relevant to their current role or pursue further education to expand their role or move to a different part of the industry.

How the PMA can help: From our industry glossary to our whitepapers to our webinars, we are constantly working to provide new educational opportunities in the industry. Our industry glossary is a great place to get started when you don’t even know yet what you don’t know. Our whitepapers and webinars run from general affiliate topics (like how to create a Sample Media Kit) to complex topics (like BNPL, FTC disclosure, and AI). Every PMA member has access to every document we have ever written as well as video replays.

Networking and Relationship-Building Skills

Networking and building professional relationships are critical for career development and opportunities. Most anyone will tell you that success in affiliate marketing is heavily dependent on relationships. Goals may involve expanding professional networks, attending industry events, and participating in networking groups.

How the PMA can help: One of our TOP goals is to help you expand your network. Whether through our member Slack channels, our in-person Happy Hours, or our virtual networking events, we want to help you build relationships in the industry. Even volunteering an hour of your time at our booth at a conference is a great chance to meet new people both in and out of the PMA. Go beyond just networking and build relationships with people outside your company when you participate in our Councils or our Board of Directors.

Demonstrating Accountability and Initiative

Employees may set goals to demonstrate accountability for their work, take initiative on projects, and proactively seek opportunities for growth and development. This may involve taking ownership of tasks, seeking feedback, and continuously seeking ways to add value to the organization.

How the PMA can help: There are so many little tasks that we need help with on a regular basis! Be your company liaison to the PMA to make sure that everyone in your company knows what is going on. Volunteer to create an infographic from one of our existing blog posts or a whitepaper from one of our recorded webinars. Help us repurpose our content by using your own best skills. Join a Council and spearhead an initiative of your own.

Enhancing Leadership Skills

Leadership development is crucial for individuals aspiring to advance in their careers or take on leadership roles. Goals in this area may include developing skills such as decision making, delegation, mentoring, and motivating others.

How the PMA can help: We are always looking for people to take leadership roles within the PMA and craft initiatives in your area of expertise. Interested in mentoring? We can pair you up with someone from a different company! Want to chair a Council? Every Platinum and Industry Champion company has that perk. Ready to give your time at the highest level? We have Board of Directors elections every November.

If you are interested in ANY of the above, reach out to Tricia to learn more about how to get involved. And make sure that you are signed up for our newsletter so that you don’t miss a single opportunity!

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Tricia Meyer is an attorney and affiliate marketer. She is the founder and owner of Helping Moms Connect and Sunshine Rewards as well as the current Executive Director of the Performance Marketing Association. You can find her on Twitter @SunshineTricia.
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