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New Whitepaper: Using Coupons from a Consumer Perspective

Using Coupons

New Whitepaper: Using Coupons from a Consumer Perspective

The PMA Coupons and Deals Council has released a new whitepaper entitled “Using Coupons from a Consumer Perspective.”

The paper covers:

  1. Metrics prove that consumers not only love coupons in an online setting, but rely on their usage in most transactions.
  2. Consumers embrace coupons in almost any content but the easier and more seamless the experience, the better.
  3. There is literally no demographic for online coupon usage. They are ubiquitous.
  4. Merchants can use consumer behavior to create a better coupon experience.
  5. Digital coupons are incremental.

A huge thanks goes to the Lead contributes on this project:

Non-members can download the full survey report through our Whitepapers and Guides page.

Members can log into their accounts to download or visit the Documents and Downloads Channel in Slack.

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Tricia Meyer is an attorney and affiliate marketer. She is the founder and owner of Helping Moms Connect and Sunshine Rewards as well as the current Executive Director of the Performance Marketing Association. You can find her on Twitter @SunshineTricia.
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