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PMA 2023 Board of Directors Nominees

PMA 2023 Board of Directors Nominees

The nominations have been submitted, and I am happy to present the nominees for the open spots on our Board of Directors. Members will soon receive an email with their company’s unique Company Voting ID and voting link. In order to ensure that each company only gets one vote, it is imperative that companies watch for this email and vote accordingly. Voting will begin on November 2, and votes must be submitted by November 30. Thank you to all who participated in nominations!

Blagica Bottigliero
JEB Commerce

I’ve had the good and unique fortune to be in the digital marketing space since the late 90s. I came into the Performance Marketing space vis a vis the Orbitz Affiliate program – which I launched in the early 2000s. I had the ability to see the ways in which our industry grew from scratch – often leading the forefront with tech innovations and bootstrap entrepreneurship.

Being an early adapter pushed me to be a ‘doer’, using New Media tools to tell a story. These efforts led to me winning a regional Emmy, via my work with NBC Chicago.

Throughout the course of my career, I ventured into the social media, digital communications, PR and Influencer side of things. From leading the strategy team at Edelman Digital to leading global social media at Motorola, I got a keen insight into both the agency and client needs in marketing. Before coming back into the affiliate space, I went down to my basic start-up chops. I converted my husband’s wine tasting business to one of the first virtual wine and beer tasting event businesses. We conducted over 1,000 tastings in just under 10 months. We were so successful because I merged all of my digital marketing lessons and how-tos into a positive ROI driven business.

I feel as if other marketing channels are finally understanding what the power and impact of Performance Marketing. Much of this realization has been forced – the notion of the pixel and ad tracking’s change c/o Google and Facebook. Traditional CPM revenues are out the window.

Because I have a depth of experience in all of the other channels that are NOW entering the world of Performance Marketing, I feel I can represent the space in a positive way. I have the understanding of what newer industry participants need to enable performance marketing into the mix.

If elected a member of the board, I plan on showcasing examples and being a helpful guide to current and new members of the space.

Jeannine Crooks

I’ve been honored to serve on the PMA Board of Directors for the past two years as our world went through such difficult times. As an organization we strived to support our industry even when we could not come together, and I’m proud of what we accomplished via our virtual events. Now, as the economy becomes the greater challenge, I believe it is more important than ever for the PMA to support our industry members in every way possible. That includes training, networking, guidance through legal and technical challenges and sometimes just a hearty “you’ve got this” pat on the back!

For those who I haven’t met yet, I’ve been in affiliate marketing since the late 90’s. I’ve been an affiliate, merchant, vendor and now am the Partner Acquisition & Development Manager for Awin US. I’ve testified before State House and Senate Finance Committees to fight affiliate nexus, served on the PMA Compliance Council and Publisher Council, and spoken more than 100 times on affiliate marketing at conferences and online through podcasts, webinars, interviews and other events. ASW23 will be my 36th consecutive attendance of that event.

After nearly 24 years in the industry, I can still proudly say that I love affiliate marketing and the people working within it more than ever. I remain committed to supporting each and every industry member to the fullest of my abilities. I would be grateful for your vote enabling me to serve a final two years on the Board and continue serving the community I adore.

Debbi Dougherty
Rakuten Advertising and Rakuten Rewards

I will bring a strong track record of knowledge and experience in all digital channels. In my current role as SVP – B2B Marketing and Communications, I am responsible for all aspects of marketing for our various customer solutions globally. Prior to Rakuten, I led marketing efforts for a variety of “leader” and “challenger” organizations across digital, including Viber, Cheetah Ad Platform, Radium One, and Kontera. I was also Co-Chair for Partnerships and Events for SheRunsIt (formerly Women in Wireless) which is focused on fostering connections and increasing representation of women in digital and mobile.

I am seeking a Board seat out of a passion for the space and a desire to maximize Rakuten’s contribution to the growth and vitality of the business. I see a massive opportunity to expand participation in the PMA by brands, agencies, and publishers. We are at a critical inflection point where content and commerce are coming together in dynamic ways. This moment presents fantastic opportunities that I would like to help shape to make all industry participants more successful.

The PMA plays an important role in our space. We need to expand that role to championing strategic, data-driven management, new forms of performance partnership, and ensuring that we maximize mutual benefit to brands, partners, and consumers.

I want to see the PMA play a more significant role in facilitating connections, enhancing knowledge sharing, improving diversity/inclusion, and preparing the next generation to lead the space.

I am responsible for go-to-market for a leading partnership platform and one of the world’s largest publishers, Rakuten Rewards. I want to use my experience and energy to enhance the diversity and dynamism of performance partnerships for brands and publishers. Partnership exemplifies the adage, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” I want to help drive that rise by making a deeper contribution to this organization. Thanks for your consideration.

Kelly Ground
Acceleration Partners

As Director of Strategy & Insights at Acceleration Partners (AP), I bring 15+ years of affiliate marketing experience to provide strategic guidance and support to AP’s affiliate program management teams. I support initiatives with new and existing clients globally, and support the teams with insights that challenge them to think differently and be innovative. Examples of my support include providing projected retail trends for planning, strategizing campaign ideas to meet aggressive goals, supporting with strategic partner recruitment and sharing insights with cross teams globally.  Within my six years at AP, I have also shared my perspective on industry events, including as a PI Live global panelist and as a panelist on BWG Connect.

Before joining AP in 2016, I was Senior Digital Marketing Manager at HSN for over 7 years, driving profitable revenue and significant growth through their affiliate and display programs.

I would love to join the PMA Board of Directors to help advocate for the industry and bring resources and ideas to show how affiliate marketing is not only a critical investment for a brand, but one of the most efficient channels to target the audience a brand wants. Affiliate marketing has evolved more than I could have ever imagined. It started as a channel filled with personalization and attribution challenges but we are finally telling a much-needed story about how it plays a critical part in the consumer journey.  With reports across multiple networks and other technologies, we can see how affiliate partners are driving valuable new customers that will repeat purchase, or retain customers that couldn’t be retained through other marketing channels. I believe that affiliate marketing will continue to grow as the channel to close the gap as consumers search for the best possible deal or recommendations from an influencer or creator. I’m committed to being a part of this growth and would love to contribute by sharing my perspective of the space.

Dustin Howes
Performance Marketing Manager

Howdy! I’m Dustin Howes and I’m a partnership nerd! I love spreading the good word about performance marketing. I have 13+ years of digital marketing experience as a publisher, advertiser affiliate manager, and agency owner. I’m a big fan of speaking at conferences like Affiliate Summit and I love promoting thePMA community.

I am the Chief Coach of PerformanceMarketingManager.com, the online course dedicated to teaching affiliate program optimizations and best practices of affiliate partnership development.  The course bridges the gap for companies that need help growing their program, but cannot afford outsourced help.

I’ve been part of the recruitment council for thePMA over the last 3 years and would love to continue to help this organization and the community expand.

Lee-Ann Johnstone
Affiliate Insider Limited

Hi PMA members, I started in Affiliate Marketing in the early 2000’s and have dedicated my career to building successful affiliate programs across multiple industries. We’ve come a long way since then,  I now run a successful niche affiliate marketing agency, host The Affiliate Marketing Podcast and publish content that helps others to learn, scale and grow their affiliate programs.

We’ve developed guidelines, we’ve implemented strategy, we’ve realised that affiliate marketing is in fact also a digital skill.

This year, I’d like to join the Board of Directors to help play a more active role in promoting the PMA initiatives in the EMEA market and help with the development of skills and new best practices for the industry as a whole.

There is plenty of talent in digital marketing but only a few make a conscious decision to specialise in affiliate marketing. We need to be building insight and knowledge around why Affiliate & Performance marketing is a great career choice.

We need to be helping educate brands and businesses and CMO’s about the benefits of a joined up approach and we need to be helping the next generation of digital marketers choose Affiliate as a career of choice by showcasing the exponential skill sets required to do this job well.

I’m passionate about all of this. I want to see our industry continue to evolve and grow and I’d like to play my part in giving back for the 20 year history of growth I’ve experienced being in this marketplace via our community support, via strong leadership and the sharing of knowledge and expertise.

Thanks for considering my nomination and I look forward to working closer at the PMA to help support Affiliate Marketing advocacy as a channel of choice for investing in to support business growth, and as a career choice to support skills development and talent recruitment into our sector.

Jade Mayberry
Mayberry Consulting

Based in Los Angeles, Jade is an experienced marketer trusted by best-in-class digital marketing agencies, start-ups and direct-to-consumer brands. She has a breath of experience across direct response marketing, paid media and specializes in affiliate & performance marketing. Jade has helped stand-up the Affiliate services offering across two agencies and has launched and managed many brands in the channel at the agency level, in-house or as a consultant or advisor.  Jade currently sits at dentsu US as Head of Affiliate & Performance Marketing, where she’s spearheading Affiliate across six agencies, including dentsu X, 360i, iProspect, Merkle, Carat and MuteSix.

Why my interest in the PMA Board?

For the interchange of knowledge, of experiences in the industry, sustaining discussions and the sharing of ideas with many whose work and initiatives I admire.  I wish to contribute more by placing myself at the center of the industry, alongside those passionately working to advance Affiliate and Partnership Marketing. I hope to bring a multi-dimensional point of view and fun!

Recent Accomplishments:
MarTech Record
Date: October 2022

Accomplishment: Listed as 1 of 22 of the most important and fascinating change-makers in the industry today

Source Material: https://www.martechrecord.com/top-people-you-should-know

Date: August 2022
Accomplishment: Named one of PerformanceIN Top 30 US Changemakers in Partnership Marketing 2022

Source Material: https://performancein.com/2022-us-top-30/

Elena Potoupa
Wow Things, Inc

Hello Affiliate Marketing family. 🙂

Here is a little about myself:

– I’ve been part of Affiliate since 2002, so more than 20 years. True story – I didn’t know I was doing affiliate marketing when I started. 🙂

– I launched my own successful online/retail coupons site and won multiple Industry awards

– I attended 2nd Affiliate Summit (wasn’t aware of the first one and got invited by Shawn – indefinitely indebted)

– I’ve learned and grown Immensely in the industry expanding my knowledge from publisher/network to merchant/network, to an agency

– Currently involved in Publisher Development, Client Strategy, and Agency Strategy.

– fun facts: 3 kids + 1 dog, 3 degrees by 22 (don’t hold it against me.. haha)

I would love to be part of the PMA Board of Directors for many (great) reasons:

– I would love to continue to be part of something amazing!

– I would love to grow and learn more, so what an opportunity!

– I would love to assist in any way possible through my knowledge and I have a lot to give!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Jennine Rexon
Rex Direct Net, Inc.

Although I will be new to PMA, I’m an veteran.  With over 20 years performance marketing experience, I have great insights into the challenges as well as exciting opportunities this industry provides.  It’s time now to give back.  I’d like to support the industry with my enthusiasm, experience, and words of caution.  For more information about my company and what we are about – visit rexdirect.com.

Lacie Thompson
LT Partners

Having spent well over a decade of her career in Affiliate + Partner Marketing, Lacie founded LT Partners in September 2018 with the vision of creating custom solutions within the channel ecosystem. With the foundation of team, technology, relationships and innovation, LT Partners is driven to use data to drive incremental results through partnerships. Leveraging more aligned incentive models for partners has enabled the LT Partners team to motivate that growth with the best partners for each brand. Lacie is invested into automation within the affiliate channel as well, building tools to help both the account teams at LT Partners, as well as in-house managed teams. Lacie and her team have grown to managing 65 brand programs in just four years and have several accreditations, including a Diamond Agency Partner with Impact. In August 2020, LT Partners became a WBENC member and Lacie is passionate about driving diversity within her company, as well as on the PMA Board.

Chris Tradgett

20 years in affiliate from the buy.at network, client side, and with technical tools with Publisher Discovery and now also Moonpull. Having served on the PMA board I hope have offered constructive contributions to support the efforts of the PMA and to expand PMA membership in the US and UK. I’d be very happy to continue to be a contributor to the work of the association.

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Tricia Meyer is an attorney and affiliate marketer. She is the founder and owner of Helping Moms Connect and Sunshine Rewards as well as the current Executive Director of the Performance Marketing Association. You can find her on Twitter @SunshineTricia.

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