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PMA 2024 Board of Directors Nominees

PMA 2024 Board of Directors Nominees

The nominations have been submitted, and I am happy to present the nominees for the open spots on our Board of Directors. Members will soon receive an email with their company’s unique Company Voting ID and voting link. In order to ensure that each company only gets one vote, it is imperative that companies watch for this email and vote accordingly. Voting will begin on November 2, and votes must be submitted by November 30. Thank you to all who participated in nominations. This was the most nominations we have ever received!

Nominee List:

Fadi Agour, RPM
Joey Asleson, Team Bespoke
Sarah Beeskow Blay, Silverbean
Christen Evans, Spark Partnerships
Veronica Gauthier, Acceleration Partners
Katie Jones, FMTC
Erin Kristyniak, Partnerize
Caitlin Longwood, Hamster Garage
Jim Nichols, Exclamation Marketing
Elena Potoupa, Wow Things, Inc.
Cassandra Scarbeck, InfluenceLogic
Sandrine Thompson, CJ


Fadi Agour, RPM

I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Performance Marketing Association’s 2024 Board of Directors, and I am reaching out to humbly request your support in this endeavor.

As a passionate advocate for performance marketing and a dedicated member of our community, I am committed to taking our organization to new heights. My name is Fadi Agour, and I bring a wealth of experience and fresh perspectives to the table.

Why Vote for Fadi Agour?

  1. Proven Industry Expertise:
    I founded and lead RPM & Best Case Leads, an Inc 5000 company that has made the list 4x in a row. My experience positions me to contribute valuable insights and strategies to drive PMA forward.
  2. Commitment to Collaboration:
    I understand the importance of teamwork in achieving our collective goals. If elected, I will actively foster collaboration within the board, ensuring that diverse perspectives are considered in every decision.
  3. Tech-Savvy Visionary:
    In today’s digital age, staying ahead of technological advancements is crucial. I am well-versed in emerging trends and technologies, and I am dedicated to leveraging these tools to enhance the PMA’s impact and reach.
  4. Community Engagement:
    I believe in the power of community. Through my active participation in industry events and forums, I have built strong connections. As a board member, I will work to amplify our community’s voice and address the needs of all members.
  5. Dedication to PMA’s Mission:
    I am genuinely passionate about the PMA’s mission and am eager to contribute my skills to help shape its future. By actively participating in the Membership or Marketing executive committee, I will champion initiatives that elevate our organization.

Your Support Matters!
Empower the future of the PMA by electing a candidate who is not just a name on the ballot but a dedicated advocate for our community. Your support will enable me to contribute meaningfully to the growth and success of PMA.

Thank you for your consideration and vote!

Joey Asleson, Team Bespoke

Joey’s current role as Director of Growth at Team Bespoke is to help startups and emerging brands navigate the monetization of their business via partnerships helping to grow the overall performance marketing ecosystem. Joey has sat on both sides of the table, creating and launching a plethora of partnership-focused programs on both the agency and brand side in several verticals. In the past 9 years of his career, Joey has done everything from scaling retail programs for Fortune 500 Companies and Startups to creating B2B partnership channels from scratch. Joey prides himself on creating long-lasting connections between the businesses he supports and the partners he brings to the table. Joey finds great joy in working within a channel so centered around relationships. He has been advocate for performance marketing and partnerships since the start of his career and is always seeking to understand ways he is able to make an impact on the industry.

Joey’s goal as a member of the PMA Board of Directors is to bring in new insights from his varied experience, especially with a focus on B2B and SaaS companies. As these companies continue cater to new verticals and shift their focus to include small and mid-size businesses, there is an even greater need to expand reach via digital partnerships and performance marketing with tactics that differ from the traditional retail/travel/finance verticals we see today. In addition to bringing more of these companies into the fold, he hopes to continue to support the PMA in addressing the changes in the industry from Content Commerce to new Technology partners with the rise of AI and new marketing tactics with fresh insights and best practices to support the large changes the industry will see in the coming years.

Sarah Beeskow Blay, Silverbean

Hello PMA! I’m Sarah – I joined Affiliate Marketing in 2005 at ShareASale as program manager. While at ShareASale, my career progressed from Director of Client Services, overseeing all Publisher, Agency, & Advertiser development, to Vice President, post Awin acquisition, where I was responsible for all operations & revenue on the platform.

In 2020 I began my own independent consultancy working with several agencies on publisher development strategy and recruitment, which lead to my current role as Vice President, North America for global affiliate & partner marketing agency, Silverbean.

We all know, affiliate & partner marketing thrives on relationships, and this is what will continue to drive our industry forward. Helping to make connections is at the core of what I set out to do both on a professional and personal level. This includes everything from scoping out new business models that can be applied to affiliate, creating new strategic partnerships for clients, or knowledge sharing through resource creation. To help aid personal connections within the industry, I seek out different ways to help bring people together such as posting regular industry job round-ups to help connect active job seekers with new opportunities or coordinating “Chicago Affiliate & Partner Marketers Giving Back”, an initiative to combine local networking with volunteer efforts.

I would be honored to be given the ability to put my combined industry and past non-profit experience to use and help the PMA continue to pursue growth and betterment of Affiliate & Partner Marketing. There is so much rapid change going on in our industry at the present, making it a very exciting yet critical time. I feel strongly the PMA is in a great position to be leveraged, not only as a source of knowledge sharing and education, but also as a central hub for relationship building – a community voice for our channel within the greater digital advertising space.

Christen Evans, Spark Partnerships

Christen has been a longtime advocate for the performance marketing industry and an active member of the PMA. In her decade in the affiliate industry, Christen has been a vocal ally for transparency, education and empowerment in the space. During her past work with the PMA, Christen has helped develop some incredible relationships and opportunities, and is eager to continue that work.

Veronica Gauthier, Acceleration Partners

I am excited to announce my candidacy for the PMA Board of Directors. With a deep passion for performance marketing, over 16 years’ experience and a dedication to advancing our industry, I am honored to seek your support to serve our community.

Performance marketing is a dynamic and rapidly evolving field. As we navigate through a digital age of marketing, it’s crucial that we have a Board committed to fostering growth, innovation, and collaboration within our industry. I believe I can contribute significantly to these goals.

If elected, I will bring a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience to the Board. Here’s what I envision for our community:
• Industry Advocacy: I am committed to advocating for the value and integrity of performance marketing. I will work tirelessly to ensure our industry is well-represented and respected.
• Education and Resources: We must provide our members with the tools and resources needed to excel in performance marketing. I will support initiatives to offer cutting-edge training, workshops, and webinars that keep our members at the forefront of the industry.
• Networking and Collaboration: Building connections and fostering collaboration are vital in our field. I will champion efforts to expand our networking opportunities, connecting members with experts and fostering partnerships that drive success.
• Diversity and Inclusion: A diverse and inclusive industry is a stronger and more innovative one. I will actively promote diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within our association.

Your input is essential in shaping the direction of our association. If elected, I will actively seek your feedback and engage in open, transparent communication.

I believe in the power of collaboration. I will work closely with fellow Board members, committees, and volunteers to harness our collective expertise and drive our mission forward.

I humbly request your support and your vote.

Katie Jones, FMTC

Thank you for your consideration for one of the open seats on the Performance Marketing Association’s board. I am passionate about the PMA’s goals to promote the growth of the industry, help model standards and best-practices, and advocate on behalf of the businesses that comprise the performance marketing industry, and would be honored to be part of this organization.

I’m grateful to have learned from and collaborated with incredibly talented people in a variety of creative marketing, data management, and leadership roles, including past positions of Account Manager and Senior Manager of Customer Success and Operations at Sound Partner Marketing, and my current role as FMTC’s Network Liaison/Integrations Manager.

I have a strong track record of achieving sales and new customer growth goals, diversifying and scaling up partnerships, and helping companies find common ground. I worked with all players in the industry to build long-term, transparent and profitable partnerships with advertisers, merchants and retailers, networks, publishers, agencies, and tech solution providers. I am a skilled relationship-builder, and I have a proven ability to facilitate consensus and work effectively with others.

I believe that my skills and experience would be a valuable asset to your board, and I am eager to contribute to the organization’s mission to champion and protect accountable performance marketing.

Erin Kristyniak, Partnerize

With 16 years of experience in affiliate and partnership marketing, Erin Kristyniak understands well what it takes to bring her clients, partners, and agencies the success they seek in the channel. Kristyniak began her affiliate/partnerships career managing brands for Pepperjam, later overseeing a team managing accounts moving on to oversee and manage agency relationships on both the Partnerize platform and on Pepperjam’s Ascend™ platform with a heavy focus on relationship building, upselling, and new sales.

Erin recently acted as the VP of Community for Mavely, the everyday influencer platform where she focused on creator growth while supporting the holistic business needs of a rapidly growing business. Partnerize is thrilled to have her recently return to a partnership role focusing on relationship building and new opportunities for Partnerize that will truly impact the channel.

As Partnerize’s VP of Global Partnerships, Erin prioritizes the needs of her partners by providing thought leadership, and strategic oversight. She also oversees a dedicated team of five made up of Partnership Directors and Managers who support partners with data-driven performance insights, thought leadership, growth opportunities and support to navigate the ever evolving channel,

A thought leader in her own right, Kristyniak is still a student of the partnership channel and prioritizes staying abreast of industry fluctuations, and educates her team and partners by documenting and sharing pertinent industry information and championing Partnerize’s contribution to bettering the channel.

While this list of accomplishments and experience isn’t exhaustive, it does help demonstrate Kristyniak’s passion for her position and her capability of serving on the Performance Marketing Association’s Board of Directors to bring her passion, experience and knowledge to serve an even broader base of marketers.

Caitlin Longwood, Hamster Garage

I’m genuinely excited to introduce myself to my fellow PMA members and share a glimpse of my story. These experiences have uniquely prepared me to bring valuable industry perspectives and a strong, influential presence to the PMA Board of Directors.

My journey started more by chance than by design. In 2013, after achieving my Master’s in Strategic Communications, I landed my first job in the industry with a temporary position on Rakuten’s Marketing Operations team. I confess I had no clue what affiliate marketing even meant back then. Over the course of my four years at Rakuten, I had the privilege of witnessing substantial growth. Little did I know that this experience would lead me to an industry that would flourish and ultimately become my passion and career.

Since 2018, I’ve been dedicated to client services, with prior roles at Acceleration Partners and Rakuten Advertising. Over the years, I’ve managed an extensive portfolio of brands spanning diverse industries, each presenting unique goals and challenges. Through successfully navigating these relationships, I have become a trusted client advisor. Today, I lead affiliate programs for emerging and global brands as an Associate Account Director at Hamster Garage. Being a part of an agency startup has been incredibly rewarding, as I’ve had the opportunity to bring fresh talent into the industry and contribute significantly to their growth in skills and knowledge.

My desire to align further with the PMA stems from a profound belief in the power of performance marketing. In the face of an economic downturn and budget constraints, there’s a growing urgency to demonstrate the value of this marketing channel. I envision a world where the PMA doubles down as the champion of performance marketing, emphasizes its significance, and empowers members with the tools and knowledge to maximize ROI in challenging times.

I look forward, if voted in, to being a significant contributor to the future success of the PMA.

Jim Nichols, Exclamation Marketing

Thanks for considering me for the board.  I am right now finishing my second two-year term as a boardmember, and would like to continue my work on behalf of the PMA and the industry. I am a long-time veteran in the performance marketing industry, having fielded my first affiliate program in 1999.Since then I have worked on the brand, agency, and solutions provider sides and have been a strong advocate for making affiliate and partnerships a core component of the marketing mix for leading brands. The brand programs I have helped deliver include multiple industries like banking/credit cards, apparel, beauty, general merch, home goods, bedding, and DTC products. I have also held leadership positions with Conversant (CJ), Partnerize, and now RevLifter, and am a major content contributor for Martech Record. I have spoken frequently at events and in the press as an advocate for the industry, and have led efforts to reposition the industry as a key strategic component of modern marketing. While on the PMA, I have been deeply involved in multiple efforts and areas including recruiting new member companies, the event series, and marketing programs. If returned to the board, I hope to be integrally involved in clarifying and elevating the role of the PMA and ensuring all members get even more tangible benefits from membership. Thanks for considering me for another two-year term.

Elena Potoupa, WOW Things, Inc.

🌟 Hello, PMA family! 🌟

I’ve been navigating the affiliate marketing waters since 1998. From the launch of an award-winning printable coupon site to scaling one agency to acquisition to leading Global Partnership Development efforts for multiple business units – my journey is a tapestry of innovation and true passion.

SPARKLING MILESTONES. In this vibrant industry, I’ve worn many hats through a mix of corporate / consulting / entrepreneurial experience. The results show my love and perseverance. on the publisher side – LinkShare Golden Link “Innovative Affiliate of the Year”, CJ Performer™, Stevie Awards finalist, and on the agency side awards in “Best Partnership”, “Best Marketing Strategy”, and “Best Use of Content Commerce”.

VISION FOR PMA. With an aspiration to serve on the PMA Board, my primary vision is to bridge gaps in our industry by establishing a robust mentorship program that nurtures emerging talent. Quality training and practical education is my passion. Providing guidance to publishers is my utmost desire. I am also interested in initiatives emphasizing ethical marketing practices, and enhancing transparency and trust across all performance marketing channels.

WHY AFFILIATE MARKETING? Affiliate and Partnership Marketing isn’t just my career path; it’s the community I’m dedicated to, constantly seeking ways to contribute, enhance, and advance. What truly inspires is the privilege of being the catalyst that unites Merchants and Publishers, fostering collaborations that spark innovation, drive growth, and create mutually rewarding opportunities.

MAKING WAVES. I’m here to contribute, not just participate. From spreading the knowledge to PMA Global expansion to launching PMA awards/events – I am open to innovation not settling for basics.

UNIQUELY ME. Being Real, Being Me. I dive into this journey with curiosity and a portfolio of innovative ideas, ready to add value as always!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Cassandra Scarbeck, InfluenceLogic

Cassandra began her career working for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses creating offline media that influence desired actions. In 2014, she began her journey with performance-based digital media and never looked back.

After serving in various roles on the network and agency side including Associate Manager at CJ, Publisher Development Manager at Acceleration Partners and Director of Affiliate at Assembly Global, Cass made the move to the partner side as Vice President of Brand Partnerships at InfluenceLogic, where she helps scale customer acquisition on YouTube and other social media platforms on a 100% performance basis. In addition, she is a Principal at Wasabi Ventures, and heads up brand partnerships for properties under the Authority Media Group umbrella.

Cass is passionate about developing strategy & business development opportunities in the affiliate space because of the undeniable value and ROI affiliate partnerships bring to brands. She loves being part of the fuel that drives the engine for the brands she supports, which makes a larger positive impact on our nation and the globe. The icing on the cake is all of the wonderful relationships with talented and friendly industry professionals she has made along the way. She loves being part of this vibrant community and looks forward to continuing to advance it’s purposes as a Board Member of the PMA.

Cass joined the PMA in 2023 and is currently serving on the Industry Advancement Council. She believes strongly that more institutions of higher education should offer classes in performance based marketing, and would love to see more affiliate veterans consider lending their expertise to train up the next generation of digital marketers.

Sandrine Thompson, CJ

I am deeply passionate about performance marketing and dedicated to the mission of the Performance Marketing Association. I believe that my experience, skills, and commitment to the organization’s success make me a strong candidate for a position on the Board of Directors. Over the past 19 years in this industry, I have accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of performance marketing. My role at CJ] has provided me with insights into the industry’s challenges and opportunities, including the need for raising the industry’s profile and educating the broader digital marketing industry about the value and power of affiliate marketing. I value collaboration and teamwork. I am committed to working alongside fellow board members and PMA members to address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. I believe that fostering a spirit of cooperation and unity is crucial for the growth of the PMA. I am excited about the opportunity to serve, and I look forward to working collaboratively with the existing board members to advance PMA’s goals.

Thank you for considering my nomination.

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Tricia Meyer is an attorney and affiliate marketer. She is the founder and owner of Helping Moms Connect and Sunshine Rewards as well as the current Executive Director of the Performance Marketing Association. You can find her on Twitter @SunshineTricia.
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