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Scrambling Toward Black Friday? Last-Minute Tips from Performance Marketing Pros

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Scrambling Toward Black Friday? Last-Minute Tips from Performance Marketing Pros

The clock is ticking. The calendar days are flying. We’re all in the scramble to Black Friday. Where should your focus be if you have limited time and resources? I asked members of the PMA to share their best tips for last-minute preparations for both brands and publishers.

For Brands and Agencies

Communication is a big key!

“Make sure you have contacted as many of your affiliates as you can by opening up your calendar for more hours then you typically would, and if possible get in email when exactly they will be promoting the offer/service so you can be sure to check if they follow through. In summary: Be available and make the calls/contact!” (Paddy McGill)

“Contact each and every publisher that you have that is producing clicks and/or sales and ask them these questions:

  • what are you doing to reach customers this Q4?
  • what are my competitors doing that I should be doing?
  • How can I help you be more successful in Q4?” (Nicole Ripley, JEB Commerce)

Use all available data.

“As Black Friday and Cyber 5 approaches, the focus should be on quick and flexible campaign optimization. The real game-changer is using real-time analytics for precise targeting and tailored offers to responsive audiences. Capitalize on diverse affiliate partnerships and stay attuned to market shifts to expand your reach and connect with new customers. At Rakuten Advertising, we embody this strategy, ensuring your efforts are lastingly impactful. Watch for our real-time trends data, available November 17th.” (Debbi Dougherty, Rakuten Advertising)

Make the most of what you can offer.

“In the last-minute frenzy, standing out is key. Amplify your brand’s presence by offering a CPA increase and an exclusive custom promo code for your top affiliates. Elevate your pitch with compelling assets to enhance the appeal. I’ve witnessed the power of brands with a CPA bump and unique, best-of-web offers command attention. Don’t just offer a deal; create an engaging experience that publishers can’t resist!” (Austin Tingley, Hamster Garage).

Plan for the unplanned! You never know what might happen.

“Make sure you have any contingency plans ready to go and communicated to your affiliate agencies or teams to ensure a seamless transition if you have to change your promotion!” (Shannon Keene, Team Bespoke)

“For brands – make sure you have points of escalation/direct contacts for the top partners in your program to ensure you can get in touch if there are any last-minute changes or issues,” (Michelle Morgan, Acceleration Partners)

“EXCHANGE EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION WITH YOUR PARTNERS in the event of a tracking issue, code issue, placement issue, etc.” (Cassandra Scarbeck, InfluenceLogic)

For Publishers and Influencers

Communication is key here, too.

“Send out a list of all open inventory left on your site that brands can secure last minute! This makes it easier for your brand partners and may help you fully sell out of inventory fore the BFCM timeframe.” (Shannon Keen, Team Bespoke)

“Ensure that you know who to contact at your affiliate network if there is a problem or tracking issue throughout the holiday weekend.” (Vanessa Isaacson, Avantlink)

It’s never too early….

“Keep in mind that many deals are starting surprisingly early this year, and inventory may be limited. Don’t wait to let your readers know about the deals until Black Friday if they start a week before it.” (Jon Brown, BuyersGuide.org)

Check and double check those links.

“Always make sure that the link you promote actually works and goes where you expect. We would also add, make sure the tracking is set up correctly by the advertiser (in developer tools – or more obviously by using a Moonpull audit!)” (Chris Tradgett, Moonpull)

And don’t forget it’s a holiday!

“Set it up now and FORGET it. Go spend time with your family!” (Adam Viener, Yazing and imwave)

The PMA hopes everyone has a SUCCESSFUL Black Friday!

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Tricia Meyer is an attorney and affiliate marketer. She is the founder and owner of Helping Moms Connect and Sunshine Rewards as well as the current Executive Director of the Performance Marketing Association. You can find her on Twitter @SunshineTricia.
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