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Online Marketing Talent Needed

Online Marketing Talent Needed


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A new survey conducted by the Online Marketing Institute (in partnership with ClickZ and staffing firm Kelly Services) found inconsistent job skills and experience lacking in the current online marketing talent pool.

The survey highlighted seven key talent trends. More than 750 organizations with a need for internal or external digital marketing services were surveyed about the hiring/talent acquisition challenges they face.

The survey found a huge and ongoing gap between what employers value and what digital talent is available. For example, 71 percent of large enterprise brands say their digital teams are strong in some areas, but weak in others. Moreover, 22 percent say demand for subject matter specialists is growing.

Many of the challenges highlighted in the survey come to light as digital marketing budgets fluctuate from channel to channel. In addition, over the last two years, more organizations have shifted budget allocation toward content marketing, social media marketing, native advertising and online video creation. More organizations see customer experience optimization (20 percent) as the most exciting budget plan opportunity for 2014.

This means there are plenty of opportunities for those that are knowledgeable and skilled in a variety of online marketing disciplines.

If you are looking for a job in performance marketing or have an open position and looking to hire, check out the PMA’s Job Board. It’s free.

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Lisa Picarille

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Lisa Picarille is an online content strategist focusing on digital marketing, branding, and social media for performance marketing companies. She is the former Content Director for the PMA and teaches Internet Marketing at USF Online. An award-winning journalist, Lisa headed the news departments of Wired.com, TechWeb.com, TechTV.com and CRN.com and wrote for Rolling Stone, CRM Magazine, PCWeek, MacWeek, Computerworld and InfoWorld. Lisa has 3 awards for Performance Marketing Advocacy.

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