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Third Party Affiliate Recruitment & Service Tools

Third Party Affiliate Recruitment & Service Tools

Special thanks to Dustin Howes of Coalition Marketing and the PMA’s Publisher Recruitment Council for their work on this post!

Check out the Publisher Recruitment Council’s review of third party tools that are useful for affiliate recruitment and affiliate program management broken down by free and paid services.

Free Tools

Redirect Path:


Did that link go through an affiliate redirect? It can be difficult to see when a page loads quickly, but Redirect Path enables you to easily track the URL path of affiliates. This will help you figure out the platform the product is on and the affiliate associated with the promotion.

Similar Sites:


Find a good affiliate? Find more like them with the click of a button. Similar Sites will instantly populate dozens of other sites that are promoting a similar niche. This has incredible value when recruiting new affiliates to your program.



Web Traffic Analysis and Visitors Details SEO plugin. This Chrome extension is the one of the most accurate free traffic estimator available and it’s easy to use. It gives a quick breakdown of monthly traffic over the last six months, allowing you to decipher if this affiliate site is worth negotiating with.



Nimbus offers two products to help you document. With Nimbus Note, you can create and edit notes, save web sites for later, snap screenshots and instantly share them with others. Nimbus Clipper helps you capture any things you find on the web: text, images, links, articles, and PDFs and save them all to your Nimbus Note account.



Need to find influencers in your specific niche? Socialblade can help you dig into what influencers would be a good fit and will help you connect with them. They have user stats available for major platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter. They also work with you to filter the results and get laser targeted queries delivered to you.



Hunter lets you find email addresses in seconds. Chrome extension is an awesome time saver to quickly scrape the site for a useful email.

Looking to invest in your performance marketing channel? Before you go off buying sponsored blogs and social posts, you should invest in something that will keep you organized and insure you are spending your money wisely.

Paid Tools

Buzz Stream:


With Buzz Stream, your team will never lose track of a conversation or project again. This CRM/recruitment tool is one of the most cost-effective tools on the market for performance marketing teams. You will be able to manage relationships and give the entire team visibility on progress. Automatically save your emails and tweets, then set reminders to follow-up. Easily research influencers, create lists for recruitment efforts, and discover contact info with the click of a button.



Mediarails is a CRM and growth platform that lets you find new digital media partners, engage existing ones, and track it all automatically. Finding sites that are relevant to your vertical’s target keyword is one of the key functions. MediaRails hunts down sites, email addresses, social following and traffic estimates, then it packages it up in a nice neat report. You are able to filter through the list and qualify affiliates that you want to contact. Then, the email campaigns simplifies outreach and automates follow up. This is a very complete tool with a friendly user interface that speaks to relationship gurus and data nerds alike.

Publisher Discovery: (PMA Member)


The Publisher Discovery platform and consultancy service provides unique insight into thousands of merchants and millions of publishers across 300+ affiliate networks globally.

This tool is awesome for data-heads that like to see in-depth data for the performance marketing campaigns. Also includes excellent stats on potential recruitment targets, helping you find high-quality publishers
 and affiliates linking to competitors.

BrandVerity: (PMA Member)


Brandverity helps your company prevent and control trademark infringement. Affiliates in the world are constantly bidding on trademarked terms, even when your program terms list your protected keywords. This is not only damaging to your brand, it’s also driving up your spend cost on PPC campaigns. BrandVerity helps identify and remove harmful ads from appearing on your most popular branded keywords. Protect your affiliate channel from abuse by policing and taking down unauthorized ads.

Social Rank:


Identify, organize, and manage your audience on Social Media. This analytics heavy software helps you learn exactly who influences posts, how, and when. You’ll gain a comprehensive timeline of each post to gain insights about its performance and the most influential interactions.

Affluent Analytics: (PMA Member)


Affluent is an innovative platform that helps affiliates and agencies aggregate data from all affiliate networks/platforms into one unified dashboard. No more logging into multiple networks and trying to figure out where to find the tools you need. Affluent has automated reports, custom dashboards and intelligent alerts to help your workflow through the day with clients.

FMTC: (PMA Member)


FMTC, or For Me to Compete, is a datafeed and content provider for all kinds of affiliates. They collect, test, and process the data for you to make affiliate marketing easier. You can sign-up to join their simpler user interface and scroll through their neatly organized deals, coupons and content pulled from over 11,000 merchants. When you provide your affiliate ID or Skimlinks ID, FMTC can provide you with your data and your own monetized links. Affiliates then choose how to monetize their content themselves.

As an affiliate, you need working links and the most popular promotions. FMTC and their amazing customer support can help you find and display that.

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Tricia Meyer is an attorney and affiliate marketer. She is the founder and owner of Helping Moms Connect and Sunshine Rewards as well as the current Executive Director of the Performance Marketing Association. You can find her on Twitter @SunshineTricia.
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