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Why Retailers & Merchants Should Consider the PMA

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Why Retailers & Merchants Should Consider the PMA

When speaking with other retailers and merchants about becoming members of the PMA, I am often asked what benefit we (Jane.com) have gained from our membership. I thought it would be easiest to put a post together to list out some of those benefits in an easy to reference blog post.

Benefits of Retailer & Merchant PMA Membership

  1. Instant access to some of the greatest minds in the industry (active Council members are included in the PMA Slack);
  2. Learn and establish best practices that the industry will one day be following (we have had and are in conversations with the FTC and Facebook, for example);
  3. Seen as an expert by our affiliate partners who come to me first when they have a question (this is the single biggest benefit in my opinion);
  4. Be on the front end of changes in legislation and regulations;
  5. Access to a broader range of affiliate partners;
  6. Access to a broader range of networks and their decision makers so I can be certain we are leveraging technology to best manage our channel ROI;
  7. Conversations with Facebook, Twitter, the FTC and other important media and enforcement agencies;
  8. Free VIP pass and discount for additional passes to Affiliate Summit every year;
  9. Preferential treatment when submitting speaker proposals at industry events (which leads to my reputation as an industry leader) – I’ve spoken at AM Days, Affiliate Summit, Type-A Parent and ThinkTank;
  10. Free access to whitepapers and case studies;
  11. Provide feedback to network leaders about certain limitations and/or “wants” from them and their interface that help us manage our program with more efficiency and ease.

As I mentioned above, the single biggest benefit that we have gotten from our PMA membership is that we are seen as industry experts by our affiliate partners. Affiliate marketing is an industry not just about ROI and new customer acquisition, but about the relationships we make along the way.

But I’m not alone.

What other Retailer & Merchant Members Have to Say

“As a retailer we see a great benefit to being part of the PMA. The ability to participate in councils is an awesome resource and a great way to stay involved in the performance marketing industry. The whitepapers on issues like nexus and FTC compliance are very informative and the webinars are a great way to hear from other industry leaders.”

Joe Sousa
Fanatics.com, FansEdge.com, NFLShop.com, NBAStore.com, MLBShop.com, Shop.NHL.com

“For us, being a PMA member is a no-brainer. We benefit greatly from the sharing of best practices through webinars, white papers, council involvement and the in-person networking events. It helps us keep up-to-date on industry standards, current events, tools and solutions, and even legislation that affects our industry.”

Nancy Boryczka
Deluxe Business Products/Deluxe Business Services/PsPrint

Join the PMA Today

People want to do business with experts. And, they like to do business with people they enjoy. Imagine how you can benefit if you were both. Become a PMA Retailer & Merchant member today.

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Maryellen stumbled across affiliate marketing while she owned and operated a business with her husband. Taking the reins of all marketing initiatives (both traditional and online), Maryellen started a hyper-local blog about things to do in her beautiful resort hometown of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Quickly outranking the Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Bureau on select relevant terms, Maryellen landed a spot at an agency where she managed programs such as philosophy.com, philosophy UK, Charlotte Russe, Plastic Jungle, DownEast Basics, David’s Cookies, Roots Canada, Roots USA and more. Always a goal to work inside at an advertiser, Maryellen left the agency for Restaurant.com where she led the channel for both networked and direct affiliate partners. Maryellen is now with Jane.com and was a finalist for the Pinnacle Award for Affiliate Manager of the Year in 2017. Furthermore, Maryellen led the Jane.com affiliate team when they won the Pinnacle Award for Merchant of the Year in 2018.

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