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It should come as no surprise that mobile technology is changing the way we interact with the world around us. It also shouldn’t shock anyone that it’s changing the way companies operate and those who don’t embrace this change will fall behind their competitors who are, losing valuable users and money.


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No one likes losing, and no affiliate wants to even think about losing potential money or users. This is exactly why affiliates need to embrace mobile. Affiliates who make the wise choice of embracing mobile usage and solutions see an increase in their number of users and are able to better monetize their mobile traffic.

Numbers tend to really help make a point so let’s take a look at some numbers showing why affiliates need to go the mobile way:

Want to know something else proving mobile’s dominance? Mobile apps accounted for 47% of the above 55% of Internet traffic, while only 45% used PCs to access the Internet in January of this year. This means not only do affiliates need to have the mobile mindset, they also need to find a way to incorporate mobiles apps into their strategy.