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PMA Featured Member: Everflow

PMA Featured Member: Everflow

Learn more about this week’s Featured PMA Member– Industry Champion Everflow!

What are you most excited about now that you are a PMA member?

Being a part of the very warm and welcoming PMA community and helping be a part of the conversation for growing the industry.

What is your company all about and how does it work?

Everflow is a Partner Marketing platform for managing affiliates, tracking marketing channels, and analyzing what truly drives performance.

We provide a white-label platform where customers can onboard their existing affiliates, influencers, partnerships, and then recruit relevant affiliates from our curated marketplace. Customers are able to track and attribute revenue and payouts for all conversion and engagement events from those partners, organic traffic, an paid ads (for both their own campaigns and their affiliate campaigns.) We make it easy to drill into that data to analyze what’s driving your best results and which placements are underperforming.

What are your core business values?

The foundation of our business is around customer success and making customer’s happy: Their feedback drives our product development and their word-of-mouth and referrals drive our growth.

Customer success is the largest department in our company and the core of our business.

What are the biggest benefits a client gets when working with your business and with which clients do you work best?

Clients with existing affiliate programs looking to scale them to the next level works best.

We’re unquestionably the most advanced and sophisticated affiliate management solution on the market in terms of features and capabilities.

Experienced affiliate managers will appreciate the most where our platform makes their lives easier:

  • The ability to track and easily analyze the true value of affiliates on engagement, conversions, and repeat purchases/renewals.
  • Being able to track and manage everything they do: Existing programs on networks, one-off partnerships, influencers, and strategic relationships.
  • Automation for communicating with affiliates, blocking low quality and fraudulent sources, and adjusting payouts.

Not to mention our ability to track beyond affiliates, and tell the full story of performance, allows them to naturally expand out to new opportunities within their own company or with their agency clients.

Tell us about your audience and demographic

ur audience is sophisticated affiliate and partner managers, especially with offerings that benefit from having a fuller user journey attribution: Lead Generation, Finance, eCommerce, and Nutra.

Our largest set of global customers is direct brands. Our platform is also the white-label backend of the majority of larger affiliate networks, and empower both publishers and agencies to grow their advertiser and traffic relationships directly.

Any success stories you’d like to share?

One of our big ones from this year was our agency partner, Vibrant Performance, delivering a 740% growth in year-over-year qualified leads for their client Unlock: https://www.everflow.io/post/how-unlock-vibrant-performance-agency-achieved-740-growth-in-qualified-leads-finance-industry-case-study

It’s a great example of the value from tracking Unlock’s long user journey from lead through equity financing: They used this data to educate affiliates on where they can optimize their traffic to deliver more approved leads and which traffic sources were getting leads rejected.

Any upcoming opportunities that you’d like to share?

We’re very excited for our upgraded media buying package that provides deep insights into performance from media buying channels, easy ROAS analysis, and the ability to push this attribution data back into the ad platforms for optimization. We’ve seen with our own campaigns the power of this data for improving results (having grown our own qualified leads from Google Ads by 91% in 2023) and tracked attribution data can also be passed for your affiliate’s ad platform that are doing media buying to promote you.

The most important part of Everflow tracking performance of all marketing channels for affiliate marketers is that if the media buyer and VP of Marketing are analyzing their performance the same way that you are, then they will start directly seeing how much extra value affiliates provide. Hopefully, this will help break down the silos which have held back the prestige of this channel.

What makes your business stand out from your competitors and gives you the edge?

We truly believe in providing stellar customer success and our features, capabilities, and analytics are on a completely different level than our legacy competitors. At the end of the day, all of our features boil down to ways to make marketers more successful with scaling affiliate programs beyond their current limits and expanding them beyond the traditional top affiliates.

Words don’t really capture this difference, but when experienced affiliate marketers see the platform, they are wowed.

Thank you, Everflow, for your support of the PMA!

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Tricia Meyer is an attorney and affiliate marketer. She is the founder and owner of Helping Moms Connect and Sunshine Rewards as well as the current Executive Director of the Performance Marketing Association. You can find her on Twitter @SunshineTricia.

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