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Colorado Affiliates Eligible for Amazon Associates Program Again

As of February 3, 2016, Amazon is once again allowing Colorado affiliates to apply for their Associates Program. The change was made to their operating agreement “Effective February 3” but states that it applied started February 1. Amazon had previously dropped all of its Colorado affiliates in March 2010 after the Colorado legislature passed a tax law that implicated out-of-state retailers. A change in Amazon’s practices rather than a change in the law resulted in the decision to allow the Colorado affiliates back into the program. Amazon began collecting sales tax on purchases sent to Colorado addresses starting this week. Affiliate marketing veterans such as Jen Goode of 101 Directions have already reported having their applications re-approved. Though it’s not a win for internet sales tax reform, this is still positive news for the performance marketing industry. Amazon’s willingness to collect and pay sales taxes in order to (among other things, presumably) bring back affiliates from Colorado highlights the importance of their referral program and the value they place on their affiliate partnerships. Despite efforts from the PMA and other organizations towards internet sales tax reform, the battle remains a state-by-state struggle. For up-to-date information on how nexus laws are affecting affiliates in each state, click... read more

2016 PMA Salary Survey is Open

UPDATE: Feb 1, 2016 – The 2016 PMA Salary Survey is now open for response.  The PMA Salary Survey gives you the opportunity to see how your company salary structure matches up across the industry among your peers and competitors. The PMA is conducting its second annual Salary Survey and any company participating will be given access to the results at the conclusion of the survey. Participation in the PMA Salary Survey is voluntary and not restricted to PMA members, but participation will ensure that you receive a copy of the results as soon as the research and analysis is completed. Anonymity and security are a huge priority – and as such, data from this survey will be provided to the PMA and thereafter reported in an anonymous, de-identifiable basis that does not identify any one survey participant.  The data will be collected through SurveyMonkey and then accessed by the PMA’s law firm, Davis & Gilbert LLP.  Davis & Gilbert will only deliver to the PMA de-identified data. Obviously, not every question or position will be applicable to your company but we ask that you try to complete the survey as accurately as you can – so that everyone (including you) can benefit from the results as much as possible. Take the 2016 Salary Survey – and ensure that you receive your copy of the results. The password is: affiliate! You’ll need to access the survey via a password, which is “affiliate!” at the following location Thank you for you participation as we once again create  a powerful resource for you to use in growing your business. Take... read more

Setting Goals for 2016

Last week at a PMA board meeting in Las Vegas, I humbly accepted the role of President of our Board of Directors. I’m excited about the role, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t equally intimidated by it. I have some pretty big shoes to fill. So, before we look at what’s to come, I want to stop and recognize that we’re incredibly fortunate to be standing on a firm foundation with support reaching far across the industry and rooted deep in the passions of professionals dedicated to the advancement of our craft. I sincerely thank Brian Littleton for his service to our organization as President of our Board for the last four years. Brian is a humble individual who aims to do the right thing for the greater good, so he’ll never admit it – but without his support, drive, funding and rallying, the PMA would have died years ago. Ask him about it, and he’ll thank you for your support. So, take my word for it – and simply thank him next time you see him! 2016 – When Councils Go BIG Over the last few years, the majority of the work, the publications and the promotion that has come out of the PMA has been from our Councils. This groups of volunteers works together to tackle important topics and interesting opportunities to shed light on how performance marketers can and are impacting the online advertising world. Currently, we have 5 Councils dedicated to everything from publisher recruitment to compliance. 27 members from all corners of the industry sit on these Councils and work together... read more

PMA Announces Two New Directors for 2016

The PMA Board of Directors are proud to announce the addition of 2 Directors for the 2016-2017 term.   Joining the current Board will be Cristy Ebert, Senior Director of Marketing for Rakuten Affiliate Network, and Maryellen Garasky, Affiliate  Manager for   Bringing on these two additional Directors enables the PMA to have a greater reach into a variety of markets, and presents a great opportunity for the 2016 Board to further advance the industry of Performance Marketing.  We welcome our new Directors and look forward to 2016-2017! Cristy Ebert Rakuten Affiliate Network Cristy Ebert is the Senior Director of Marketing for Rakuten Affiliate Network, formerly LinkShare. During her 4 years with the company, Cristy has helped shape the voice of the affiliate channel, through thought leadership, client advocacy and industry research. She recently helped launch a successful content publisher recruitment strategy; an effort to bring high profile social influencers into the network, which included several fashion week events and innovative creative campaigns. Her goal is to evangelize affiliate marketing as a crucial and relevant Marketing channel, by helping to dispel myths and educate Advertisers, Publishers, Agencies and Media. Cristy sits on the Rakuten Affiliate Network leadership team and works with executives from Rakuten Marketing, as well as Rakuten, to ensure global collaboration and a shared vision. Prior to her time at Rakuten Affiliate Network, Cristy was Director of Global Marketing for a technology company based in Miami. She also received a Masters Degree from the University of Texas at Austin, where she studied Creative Advertising and Marketing. Maryellen Livingston Garasky Maryellen stumbled across affiliate marketing while... read more

Join Us for the Annual PMA Cocktail Party

Reserve your tickets to the Annual PMA Founders and CEO’s Cocktail Hour – sponsored by TUNE and Davis & Gilbert, LLP. We’ll have cocktails and appetizers. When: Sunday, January 10th from 6-7pm Where: Pampas Brazillian Grill, Las Vegas (inside the Planet Hollywood Mile of Shops) Who: Founders and executives from PMA Member organizations. Solopreneurs are entitled to 1 ticket, Corporate receive 2 and Industry Champions receive 4. Contact if you’d like to purchase additional tickets for staff or guests. Please use the form below to reserve your tickets. Each person attending should submit an entry. We’ll reach out to confirm each ticket via email. Reserve Your Ticket Name First Last Email Company NameWebsite PMA Membership LevelSolopreneurCorporateIndustry ChampionAspiringGuest of...If you're attending as a guest of a member, please enter their name and company name here.... read more

What You Missed from the PMA in 2015

2015 was a busy year for the Performance Marketing Association Councils. Throughout the year each Council worked on various projects, whitepapers, and infographics. Here are a few of the most popular that you might have missed. The Benefits of Using Affiliate Links Over Adsense, For Bloggers: Find out why bloggers are making the shift from using Google Adsense in their posts to incorporating affiliate links. This paper from the Publisher Recruitment Council helps lay out the various reasons that affiliate links are optimum. 2014 Salary Survey Results: The Measurements and Insights Council kicked off the year with the results of the Salary Survey conducted across the industry late in 2014. Be on the lookout for the next survey coming soon. Signing Up with An Affiliate Program: This infographic from the Publisher Recruitment Council is great for those just starting out in affiliate marketing who want to learn the first 3 steps in getting started as an affiliate. Insight, Attribution: An Overview of Attribution Tools and Techniques withing the Affiliate Industry: Attribution is a hot topic in performance based marketing and this whitepaper from the Measurements and Insights Council shows examples of how different networks are approaching it. FTC Disclosure in 2015: This blog post updates the work done by the Compliance Council last year on FTC requirements for disclosure in performance based marketing. Both the post and the previous whitepaper should be read by all affiliates, merchants, and affiliate managers. Performance Marketing Glossary: The Industry Advancement Council has updated this highly comprehensive resource to include everything from industry jargon to terminology and acronyms. Co-Opetition: When Is It A Good... read more

PMA Board of Directors 2016 – Congratulations, and Thank you!

First – thank you to everyone who participated, whether it be as a nominee or as a voter.  It is critical to our organization in order to move forward the we have great candidates every year (which we do) as well as strong voter turnout (which we do!).  So, thank you. Next – congratulations to those elected to the 2016 PMA Board of Directors! From the Industry Champion Level: Todd Crawford, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Impact Radius (returning Board Member) Alexis Caldwell, Director of Affiliate Marketing, rewardStyle From the Corporate Level: Tricia Meyer Owner, SunshineRewards (returning Board Member) Tony Pantano CEO, Imwave, inc. (returning Board Member) Sarah Bundy Founder & CEO, All Inclusive Marketing We again thank you for your participation and look forward to a highly productive 2016 working for the industry! Thank you, The 2015 PMA Board of... read more

Co-opetition: So When is it a Good Idea to Work With a Competitor?

This relationship between competitors is often called co-opetition (an amalgamation of cooperation and competition). It’s a popular theory in gaming where competitors work together for greater good. The PMA’s Industry Advancement Council has released a whitepaper titled Co-opetition, available for download from our resources page.  The following content is a summary of what you will see in the full whitepaper. Co-opetition Considerations Most often collaborative efforts develop organically with two parties coming together based on circumstance – such as networking events, through friends, peers or another party. Other times, businesses are seeking out a partner that has specific expertise in areas they fall short. Either way, businesses need to fully vet a co-opetition partner to make sure it’s a good fit that will be mutually successful. Here are some questions to consider before entering a collaborative relationship: Is this a reputable company or a fly-by-night business looking to make a quick buck? Who is the management team behind the company and what is their experience? Do they have success cases that I can review and/or clients that I can speak with about their results? What is their reputation among my friends, peers and colleagues and have any of them done business with this potential partner? Is the company using a verifiable method for what they are doing or are they just touting some magic behind the scenes that they will not explain or disclose? Is what they are doing on the up-and-up and not crossing any legal or ethical best practices that the industry and our business strictly adheres to? What is benefit (time, resources, financial) for our company... read more

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