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FTC Disclosure Public Workshop

FTC Disclosure Public Workshop On September 15, 2016, the Federal Trade Commission will be holding a public workshop to examine the effectiveness of disclosures. Although the workshop will include various types of disclosures including privacy policies and nutritional labeling, the part that will most impact performance marketers will be the discussion regarding social media, native advertising, and other online advertising.  Although the public can attend the workshop in Washington, D.C., we understand that is not practical for most of our members. Instead, you can view a webcast of the event and a link to that will be made available the morning of the event on the event page. Further, you can already view the full agenda. Of particular interest on the agenda for our industry are: Evaluation Procedures and Methods (This session will provide an overview of the procedures and methods to evaluate disclosure effectiveness and a discussion of the costs and benefits of using various evaluation procedures and methods.) Comprehension (This session will discuss studies that evaluate whether people understand the information conveyed in disclosures.) Impact on Decision Making and Behavior (This session will discuss studies that evaluate the impact that disclosures have on consumers’ decision making and behavior.) Case Studies The Future of Disclosures? One of the case studies is: Colin Campbell Dept. of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Kent State University“When Disclosure May Not Be Enough: Social Media, Native Advertising and Multiple Ad Recognition Cues” For more information about the workshop, see Putting Disclosures to the... read more

PMA Represented at Affiliate Summit East

PMA Represented at Affiliate Summit East The PMA was well represented at Affiliate Summit East in New York last week. Hundreds of members were spotted at our events, speaking in sessions, and sporting PMA stickers around the halls. In particular it was great seeing members come together at our party and our table. PMA Networking Cocktail Party We kicked off the conference with a networking event held at the Marriott. We sincerely appreciate our sponsors, HasOffers by Tune, and TriMax Media. Over 50 people enjoyed drinks and speed-dating style networking while learning more about each other and the PMA. Board of Directors members and Council chairs were on hand to give updates about what we have done this year and what is coming in the rest of 2016. Meet Market Booth On Sunday, members donated their time in hour-long shifts to work our Meet Market table. We connected with current members and educated others about what the PMA is doing and why it is important to the industry. We came away with some great contacts to follow up with in the coming weeks about joining the organization. A “thank you” goes to all of the members who spent their time working at the booth as well as the following sponsors: iAffiliateManagement Impact Radius KemKlicks LinkConnector Pepperjam PerformanceMarketingJOBS rewardStyle VirusPositive We look forward to seeing everyone again at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas! Don’t forget that PMA members are entitled to one free Affiliate Summit pass a year plus discounts on all other pass purchases. In addition, if you are interested in sponsoring one of our events in January,... read more

Meet the PMA at Affiliate Summit East

We’re just days away from Affiliate Summit and your chance to meet up with PMA members at various events. Whether you are looking for industry information, networking, or organization updates, PMA members will be all over ASE16! Where can you find us? The PMA Networking Cocktail Party Get your tickets for the Networking Event to be held Saturday night from 6-7pm. It’s a great opportunity to meet industry movers and shakers in a casual setting. Join us for drinks and a round robin networking session. Tickets are free for members and $10 for everyone else. The Meet Market The PMA will have a table at the Meet Market where you can meet current members and learn what the PMA has done this year and what we have planned for the next year. Tell us what impacts YOU in the industry and how we can help. Thanks to the following generous sponsors who are making that table possible: iAffiliateManagement Impact Radius KemKlicks LinkConnector Pepperjam PerformanceMarketingJOBS rewardStyle VirusPositive Be sure to stop by and pick up your PMA member sticker to wear on your badge! Panels and Presentations Many members of the PMA were chosen to speak at Affiliate Summit. From SEO to Attribution to Program Management, we’re covering a lot of areas. View the full list of members speaking and their topics. We look forward to seeing you at any or all of these events in New... read more

PMA Affiliate Summit East Networking Event

The Performance Marketing Association will be having its semi-annual Affiliate Summit networking event on Saturday, July 30, 2016, from 6-7pm in the Empire Complex of the New York Marriott Marquis. This year’s event will be a little different than those in the past to provide new opportunities for interaction. As always, we will be offering members the chance to meet with Board Members and Council chairs to learn more about what the PMA has been doing this year and how it benefits them. In response to member feedback, however, we will also feature a round robin of networking across members to maximize the number of interactions throughout the hour. Tickets are free for members based on their membership level (1 for Solopreneurs, 2 for Corporate, Retailers, and Merchants, and 4 for Industry Champions). Non-members may purchase tickets in advance for $10 each. We have a limited amount of space, so tickets MUST be reserved or purchased in advance through our Eventbrite page. On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank our sponsors for making this event possible: Has Offers by TUNE TriMax Media Bring your business cards and grab a drink to kick off ASE16 with the... read more

PMA Releases 2016 Salary Survey Results

On behalf of the PMA, I am excited to announce that the 2016 Salary Survey Results are now available. The survey was conducted in February through March of this year, and it is the second time we have conducted it. Because of that, we were able to include not only the results of the survey but also insights comparing year over year results. The survey was conducted across over 100 performance-based marketing companies including agencies, vendors, affiliates, and merchants. The report includes: Salary ranges for C-Level employees and Executives including CEO, President, CFO, CTO Salary ranges for Marketing Department employees including Affiliate Managers and Senior Affiliate Managers Salary ranges for Sales employees including Business Development Manager Salary ranges for Technology department employees including a comparison of CTO salaries to Vice President of Technology salaries Non-salary compensation statistics for all included job titles Participants in the survey will receive a copy of the results for free. In addition, the report is free to all PMA members. Non-members can purchase the report for $49. I would like to thank the following members of the PMA Measurements and Insights Council for all of their hard work on this project: Eric Nagel, CTO, FMTC, @ericnagel Carolyn Kmet, Senior Lecturer, Loyola University of Chicago Mike Carney, President, PerformanceMarketingJOBS Download the PMA 2016 Salary Survey... read more

PMA Board of Directors Welcomes Joe Sousa of Fanatics

I am excited to announce that Joe Sousa, Affiliate Coordinator at Fanatics, is joining the Performance Marketing Association Board of Directors. I have had the pleasure of working with Joe for many years and know that he brings experience, enthusiasm, and knowledge to our Board. A little bit about Joe: Joe has been in the SEO/Affiliate industry since 1998. He started out doing SEO for clients but quickly transitioned into a full time affiliate and affiliate manager. Over the years Joe has built hundreds of different sites in many different niches and has experience in PPC, SEO, video, blogging, affiliate management, and social media. Since transitioning into affiliate management 4 years ago Joe has won the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Affiliate Manager of the Year once and the Exceptional Merchant award twice for his work on the affiliate program. Joe is currently the Affiliate Coordinator for,,,, and other related properties. Please join me in welcoming Joe to the... read more

Free FTC Disclosure Resource for Bloggers

For a limited time, the PMA is offering its newly-revised FTC disclosure whitepaper for free (regularly $49 for non-members). The document, entitled Blogging & New Media Disclosure, has been updated to take into account recent clarifications and investigations by the FTC. Although the paper is written specifically with bloggers in mind, it is a comprehensive resource that also covers how merchants should monitor bloggers and other influencers. Highlights include: When disclosures are required Where disclosure should be placed on blogs and social media Whether site-wide disclosure is effective Who is liable for failure to disclose Throughout the content you will find definitions, real-life examples, and sample factual scenarios. The paper ends with 11 Basic Rules that merchants and affiliates alike need to understand and implement. A product of the Compliance Council, the paper was authored by Richard B. Newman, an Internet Law Attorney at Hinch Newman LLP.  The free offer will expire June 30, 2016. Download Blogging and New Media Disclosure Information... read more

Welcome New Board of Directors Member: Maura Smith

I am excited to announce the newest member of the Performance Marketing Association Board of Directors, Maura Smith from Pepperjam Network. Maura was selected to take the open spot on the Board that I vacated when I assumed the role of Executive Director. A little bit about Maura: “As SVP of Affiliate Marketing at Pepperjam Network, Maura Smith oversees the client and publisher relationships that drive the success of Pepperjam’s omni-channel performance marketing solutions. With over 10 years of performance marketing insight, Maura has led advertiser, agency and publisher teams, responsible for the growth and optimization of over 1,200 performance marketing programs across 200,000 publisher partnerships. Maura received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Delaware in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and holds an MBA from the University of Scranton.” Congratulations, Maura, and welcome to the... read more

Is Privacy the New Ad Blocking?

In an anticipated, but not wholly welcome move, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proposed new data security and privacy rules for broadband internet service providers (ISPs). The proposed rules would require ISPs to disclose what data they are collecting, how that data is being used and give the customer the choice not to have their information shared. Why has the FCC introduced these rules and what are the implications for advertisers and marketers? ISPs are often described as the gatekeepers of the internet. That role also gives them invaluable access to information. As internet traffic passes through an ISP, the ISP can collect information about a customer’s network usage, search queries and websites visited. This information can be aggregated by the ISP and sold to third-parties to serve targeted ads. The aggregation and sale of information is the foundational step in programmatic trading. In the absence of how to regulate the gatekeepers, consumers and privacy advocates have raised concerns about how ISPs are making use of customer information, sometimes without customer knowledge or consent. In March of this year, Verizon Wireless settled with the FCC for a $1.35 million fine for the use of “supercookies” without customer permission. Supercookies are permanent and hard to detect tracking technology which can help advertisers deliver targeted advertising often without the web browser knowing the supercookies have been installed in their browser. The FCC’s proposals have been met with opposition even if the rationale behind the proposal follows a line of thinking consistent amongst privacy advocates globally.  Specifically, when someone uses a “free” service, like signing up for a Facebook account,... read more

PMA Members Speaking at Affiliate Summit East 2016

PMA Members Speaking at Affiliate Summit East 2016 Every year we are fortunate to have PMA members speaking all over the world at various conferences. We’re proud of our members being leaders in the Performance Marketing Industry and sharing their knowledge. Look for the following members to speak at Affiliate Summit East in New York on July 31-August 2. Missy Ward, Networking for Introverts Shawn Collins, First-Timer Orientation & Networking for Introverts Adam Riemer, Session 1A: Live SEO & Monetization Reviews Joe Sousa, Sesion 2B: Elements of Incrementality in the Affiliate Channel Todd Crawford, Session 3B: Attribution and Affiliate Marketing – Learn to Make it Work Brook Schaaf, Session 5A: What I Learned from My Wife’s Business David Naffziger, Session 5B: Protecting Big Brands: Compliance Lessons for Everyone Sean Steinmarc, Session 6A: Find the Right Influencers to Engage Your Audience Properly Stephanie Harris, Session 6C: Understanding Incremental Revenue in the Affiliate Channel Chad Waite, Session 7B: Attribution & Commission Splitting Past, Present, and Future Rachel Honoway, Session 9A: Recognizing Performance Occurring Higher in the Funnel Tricia Meyer, Session 9B: Negotiation Tactics for Affiliates and Affiliate Managers Jonah-Kai Hancock, Session 9C: Ad Blocking: The End of Advertising as We Know It? Oliver Roup, Session 10A: Ahead of the Trends: 2016 Affiliate Innovation & Investment Greg Hoffman, Session 10B: Advanced Program Management Tactics Geno Prussakov, Session 11B: 15 Ways to Get Your Affiliate Program Ahead of Competition Ernie St. Gelais, Session 11C: If You Track It, They Will Come: Tracking Multi-Device Users Sarah Beeskow Blay, Session 12C: Reputation Management and Affiliate Programs Mike Allen, Session 13A: 31 Tools of the Trade... read more

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