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Thank You Rebecca Madigan

pma logoThe Performance Marketing Association (“PMA”) Board of Directors accepted the resignation of Rebecca Madigan from the position of Executive Director of the organization.

Under the leadership of Board President Brian Littleton and the Board of Directors, the PMA will continue to promote the advancement of the Performance Marketing Industry during this transition period.

The Performance Marketing Association Board of Directors thanks Rebecca Madigan for her tireless support of the PMA. As one of the founders of the PMA, Rebecca’s contributions helped shape the organization into what it is today.

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How to Develop Lead Scoring

How to develop lead scoringThe lead generation industry has a complex distribution model and sometimes rather obscure interconnections. Like any industry, when a lack of transparency exists, there’s s a ripe opportunity for fraudsters looking to make a quick buck.

Fortunately, the industry has shifted towards a model that emphasizes solutions that can guarantee quality in the vast quantity of data being traded.

This is why lead scoring and verification systems have become essential over the last few years. By rating leads according to different parameters, lead scoring systems can give sales organizations information on how likely leads are to convert based on prospect identity, interest and intent.

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Is Your Site Ready for Primetime?

readyforprimetimeWhen a marketing campaign underperforms, the knee jerk reaction from many advertisers is to blame the traffic. Now, obviously not all traffic is created equal, but there are many reasons for the success or failure of a campaign, and the traffic quality is just one component. To help advertisers increase post-click conversions and ROI, I’ve developed a basic checklist of things to consider before you start driving traffic.

[ ] Core Value – Is it clear to everyone who visits your site what core need your business addresses? Is your product positioning in line with the important factors in the audience’s consideration set, and does your website speak to this clearly and concisely?

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Online Marketers Bad at Marketing Themselves

If you’re looking for a job in the booming online marketing space, having a standout resume and cover letter are a must. The old-fashion resume templates and cookie-cutter cover letters just don’t cut it in this industry that values experience, enthusiasm, and creativity.

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It’s ironic that people who specialize in promoting other people’s stuff are often so bad at marketing themselves.

Brian Littleton, Founder and CEO of ShareASale and President of the Performance Marketing Association’s Board of Directors, says that over 100 resumes cross his desk every week and he is shocked by how boring and lifeless these first impressions can be.

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The Profound Economic Power of a Link

Image credit: rukanoga

Image credit: rukanoga

VigLink is an Industry Champion Member of the Performance Marketing Association.  This article originally appeared in FeedFront Magazine, Issue 25.

The balance of power in affiliate marketing is undergoing a dramatic shift. The link economy, today an inefficient and complex market, is rapidly gaining competition, transparency, and liquidity.

Link optimization technology — technology that points links to the highest bidder in real time — is revolutionizing the future of affiliate marketing by letting all the players—publishers/affiliates and retailers—earn the value they deserve.

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Are Robot Marketers the Future?

Robert Marketers

Image credit: vikasuh

There are a wide variety of online marketing tasks that can be aided and improved by the use of technology, but the human part of the marketing equation isn’t replaceable by robots – at least not yet. [Read more...]

Avoiding Trademark Pitfalls in Affiliate Marketing

Image credit: rukanoga

Fanatics is a Corporate Member of the Performance Marketing Association. This article originally appeared in FeedFront Magazine, Issue 16.

Trademark (n) – A symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product.

It seems too easy to become successful as an affiliate – I mean, all you have to do is find a popular product, pick up a good domain with that product name in it (so you can get that exact match domain Google love), throw up a Facebook Page in the name of the product, and do some paid search using the product name and the Display URL of the merchant.

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Following Application Directions is Job One

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Following instructions and paying attention to details are key elements to doing a job right. It’s simply common sense, right? Well, it seems that those traits are just as important when applying for a job.

Recently, PMA Corporate Member and JEB Commerce Founder, Jamie Birch, posted several jobs and was surprised at the number of potentially qualified applicants who didn’t follow the instructions clearly outlined in the company’s job posting on the PMA Job Board. [Read more...]